The Epoch Times has come out with three infographics in the last month that do a great job connecting the dots on the Department of Justice – FBI – FISA Memo tip-of-the-iceberg.

Each infographic is accompanied by an article that provides some explanation about what’s going on in each of these highly detailed diagrams. Jasper Fakkert and Joshua Philipp at have released a video on the topic, further weaving the web of the obvious collusion, sedition, and treason of many high ranking members of Obama’s administration.

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Infographic: The Uranium One Scandal

How President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton aided Russia’s quest for global nuclear dominance

In 2010, the Obama administration granted approval to Russia’s atomic agency, Rosatom, to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One. The deal was controversial because the Canadian mining company at the time controlled 20 percent of all uranium mining capacity in the United States.

Given the national security implications, the deal required approval by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which included the State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton.

Russia had well announced its plans to corner the global uranium market as a way to exert political control over other countries. As early as 2006, Russia announced it would spend $10 billion to grow Russia’s global uranium production capacity by 600 percent.

Uranium is a key component for nuclear weapons as well as nuclear energy. A July 2011 report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration revealed that American nuclear power plants relied on imports for 92 percent of their uranium supply. Twenty-three percent was imported from Russia.

So why did President Barack Obama and the State Department headed by Hillary Clinton approve the deal that weakened America’s security and energy independence?

The Epoch Times, using public sources, including the book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer, has mapped out the connections and events related to the Uranium One acquisition by Russia.

It shows that while the State Department under Hillary Clinton was considering approving the deal, as part of the CFIUS approval process, Russia and key stakeholders in the deal paid millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Bill Clinton himself traveled to Moscow just months before the deal was approved to meet with Vladimir Putin. Clinton was also paid $500,000 for a speech he gave in Moscow by Renaissance Capital, an investment firm with an interest in the Uranium One deal and ties to Putin.

EPOCH_TIMES_URANIUM_ONE_FINAL(Click on image to enlarge map)

The FBI at the time was aware that the Russian authorities had staged a large-scale operation to blackmail and extort U.S. companies connected to uranium production and transportation.

The agency also had a well-placed source working in the uranium industry that provided extensive evidence of bribery and corruption.

However, the investigation was killed in 2015 by FBI Director James Comey, and the key informant was given a gag order and prevented from talking to Congress by Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch.

That gag order was lifted by Attorney General Jeff Sessions last year, and three congressional committees interviewed FBI informant William Campbell on Feb. 7.

He revealed how the Russian government used an American lobbying firm, APCO, to funnel millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation’s Global Initiative, The Hill reported on Feb. 7.

In December, Attorney General Jeff Sessions had announced it is revisiting evidence obtained by the FBI in an investigation into the Uranium One Deal.

On Jan. 12, the DOJ unsealed an 11-count indictment of a former co-president of a Maryland-based transportation company for his alleged role in the bribery of a Russian official connected to Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation.

Check out their current perspective on this topic at THE EPOCH TIMES.

Epoch Times Investigation: Beyond the Memo

An investigative report based on the memo, a declassified FISC report, and public records on how the Trump team was spied on

THE EPOCH TIMES  |  Jasper Fakkert and Joshua Philipp  |  February 2, 2018

A declassified House Intelligence Committee memo reveals how the unverified Fusion GPS dossier—opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC)—was used by the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant to spy on Donald Trump presidential campaign volunteer Carter Page.

The memo details how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was intentionally left in the dark about the source of the allegations that led it to approve the spy warrant in October 2016.

It reveals that top FBI and DOJ officials signed off on the initial warrant and three subsequent renewals, including President Donald Trump’s deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein.

In one instance, the FBI and DOJ used a Yahoo News article based on the Trump dossier as evidence to extend its FISA warrant, despite the unverified information having come from the same source.

The memo does not reveal how the FISA warrant was subsequently used.

The Epoch Times used additional sources, including a declassified top-secret report of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to paint a fuller picture of the apparent abuse of power.

After the initial FISA warrant was approved, dozens, if not hundreds of so-called unmasking requests were made by senior members of then-President Barack Obama’s administration.

It also opened the floodgates to a number of intelligence leaks to media organizations, which served to turn public opinion against Donald Trump.

Continuing well after Trump was elected, the spying and leaking raise serious concerns about apparent efforts by the Obama administration, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign to prevent Trump from being elected and to delegitimize him once he was in office.


Check out their current perspective on this topic at THE EPOCH TIMES.

Fusion GPS and the ‘Insurance Policy’ to Prevent Trump From Becoming President

A graphic showing the web of connections related to the Trump dossier

THE EPOCH TIMES  |  Jasper Fakkert and Joshua Philipp  |  January 18, 2018

How did a piece of opposition research, described by former FBI Director James Comey as both “salacious and unverified,” become the driving force behind the allegations that Trump colluded with Russian authorities?

Research conducted by The Epoch Times, using public sources, shows a web of connections related to the dossier reaching the highest levels of the FBI, CIA, and the Obama administration.

Paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC, and produced by Fusion GPS—whose other clients include the Russian government—the dossier appears to have been the basis for the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump.

Fusion-GPS-Map_The-Epoch-Times(Click on the map to see it in full)

The FBI used the dossier, in part, to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s team, according to national security reporter Sarah Carter. Two of President Barack Obama’s top officials also surveilled the communications of Trump’s team, both before and after the elections.

The unverified allegations in the dossier were also actively spread to media organizations, both by Fusion GPS as well as other key players involved, to cast a shadow over Trump’s run for president and his presidency.

Text messages obtained by the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general show high ranking FBI officials discussing an “insurance policy” to prevent Trump from becoming president.

The connections presented raise many questions, including the following: Why was the FBI so willing to accept the allegations made by Fusion GPS? And what did Obama obtain in monitoring the communications of Trump, the opponent of the candidate he supported?

These matters are currently under investigation by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the DOJ inspector general, and possibly special counsel Robert Mueller.

Check out their current perspective on this topic at THE EPOCH TIMES.


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Check out their current perspective on this topic at THE EPOCH TIMES.

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