Black MAGA, #BLEXIT, and WALK AWAY: Evidence of the Black Community Walking Away from the Democratic Plantation and to TRUMP and MAGA (and NOT NECESSARILY the GOP)

As a NON-PARTISAN white male in his 50’s who is a MAGA and Trump Supporter, ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS TO SEE is a non-white person wearing a red MAGA hat. It’s not easy being a white male wearing a MAGA hat anywhere in public, so I imagine blacks, hispanics, and people of other races […]

ZUGERBERG MOUNTAIN: No, that’s not a catchy play on Mark Zuckerberg’s name, it’s INTERESTINGLY the name of the mountain overlooking affluent ZUG, SWITZERLAND, HOME TO THE ROTHSCHILDS

Interesting, veeeeeery interesting. But it was also stupid. (Symbolism will be their downfall.) CLICK ON IMAGES TO EXPAND

QAnon: Q’s Unfolding Nine Part Series [ 2 of 9 ]: Facebook and their Executives are DIRECTLY FROM DARPA’S “Cancelled” LIFELOG PROJECT; BIG DATA = CIA / DOD; Who is Mark Zuckerberg and HIS CHINESE WIFE?

On March 6 Q began a nine part series with Drop 2984 and followed up that evening with Part 2 in Drops 2988 through 2991. The first two parts have had to do with Facebook being a full-out DARPA / DOD / CIA project called LIFELOG that was ‘canceled’ on February 4, 2004, the very same day […]

Treasure Trove of Twitter Tips from @Dbargen

Treasure Trove of Twitter Tips from @Dbargen @Dbargen Tweets by Dbargen IMPORTANT: Be sure to frequently check your Twitter settings and keep your Quality Filter set to OFF. The Quality filter can be found in the Notifications setting. Twitter tends to turn it back on especially on conservative accounts. When it is on, you cannot […]