As a NON-PARTISAN white male in his 50’s who is a MAGA and Trump Supporter, ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS TO SEE is a non-white person wearing a red MAGA hat. It’s not easy being a white male wearing a MAGA hat anywhere in public, so I imagine blacks, hispanics, and people of other races must catch a whole lot more shit. What I really love about it is that it shows me that I’M NOT JUST SEEING SOMETHING IN TRUMP THAT IS GOOD FOR ME, I’M SEEING OTHER PEOPLE THINK THAT TRUMP IS GOOD FOR THEM. TRUMP IS UNITING THIS COUNTRY and he’s draining the swamp, AS PROMISED.

Below is a collection of  mostly black people proudly wearing MAGA hats. WAY TO GO, you have inspired within me the closest damn feeling to patriotism that I’ve had since I’ve gotten out of the Air Force.

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z to Alyssa Milano

! Evolutionary Stages of the DEMOCRAT to DEPLORABLE=Emojis! Democrat to Deplorable 9,000,000 Were you one! Evolutionary Stages of the 9,000,000 Graffiti Democrat to Deplorable! Evolutionary Stages of the DEMOCRAT to DEPLORABLE

Published by The Infomaniac

The Infomaniac's cover story as Michael Brown did not have him die in Ferguson, did not lead him to train and sell Arabian horses, did not have him run FEMA during Hurricane Katrina, and his handlers know he'd never kill Pluto. This Michael Brown frequently doesn't know whether to face palm or shout "WTF!" so he finds himself doing both. Often.

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