MY REALITY IS DIFFERENT THAN YOURS: MR.ROBOT Auto-Installs “LOOKING GLASS” App into Firefox; Mozilla Issues Doublespeak Response: “individuals’ security and privacy must not be treated as optional”

Firefox faces backlash for auto-installing ‘Mr. Robot’ add-on Source Endgadget    Mariella Moon, @mariella_moon The add-on’s vague description definitely didn’t help. A curious add-on called “Looking Glass” started popping up on Firefox for a number of users this past week — even if they didn’t give the browser permission to install it. Due to its nebulous nature […]

Bitcoin Rips From $12,000 To $15,000 In 36 Hours; Bitcoiners Insist “No End In Sight For This Bubble!” as Average American Priced Out of Virtual Market

by Tyler Durden   Dec 7, 2017 5:13 AM SOURCE In the last 36 hours, Bitcoin has blasted through $12,000, $13,000, $14,000, and now $15,000 levels in an unprecedented 28% surge… For those keeping track, this is how long it has taken the cryptocurrency to cross the key psychological levels: $0000 – $1000: 1789 days $1000- $2000: 1271 […]

“Beginners Guide to the Blockchain” Infographic / How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Family and Friends

“Bitcoin” is a Digital or Crypto Currency that Utilizes “Blockhain” Technology. By Stacy Miller on October 13, 2017 We are not far away from a future where all the transactions will be free from any tax and also there will no delay or theft of currency. If you use the web then you might […]