‘Fat Leonard’: ONE-THIRD Of All Navy Admirals Caught In Huge Foreign Bribery Scandal: How ‘Fat Leonard’ INFILTRATED THE NAVY’s Floating Headquarters in Asia

How ‘Fat Leonard’ INFILTRATED THE NAVY’s Floating Headquarters in Asia Craig Whitlock Washington Post February 1, 2018 As the flagship for the Navy’s 7th Fleet, the USS Blue Ridge plays a critical role in national security by overseeing all U.S. maritime operations in Asia and the western Pacific. The venerable warship is the Navy’s second-oldest active-duty vessel […]

Benjamin Fulford: December 25th, 2017: Merry Christmas: The 13 “Illuminati” Bloodline Families Sue for Peace; WDS to Allow G7 to Control Monetary System Owned “By the People”

Source Stillness in the Storm by Benjamin Fulford December 25, 2017 Peace on earth and goodwill to all (and not just men, but all life forms) is looking like a realistic goal for 2018 now that the 13 “Illuminati” * bloodline families, seeing their ancient rule of planet Earth collapsing, are suing for peace. Last […]

Benjamin Fulford: December 18, 2017: Euro Bloodlines vs US Gnostic Illuminati: 44,000 Undisclosed U.S. Troops Deploy Worldwide with 10,000 Sealed Indictments to Take Down Khazarian Mob

Source Benjamin Fulford via the Dinar Daily U.S. President Donald Trump spent the weekend at Camp David with his top generals to map out the exact strategy for decapitating the Khazarian mafia worldwide, say Pentagon sources.  “The Atlanta airport was shut down while the Department of Defense refused to disclose the locations of 44,000 U.S. […]

Benjamin Fulford: December 12, 2017: U.S. Military to Declare Martial Law as DOJ & FBI Criminality Exposed

SOURCE https://transformier.wordpress.com/2017/12/04/b-fulford-2017-12-04-u-s-military-to-declare-martial-law-as-doj-fbi-criminality-exposed/ By Benjamin Fulford White Dragon Society  The U.S. military government, known to the world as the administration of President Donald Trump, is about to declare martial law, Pentagon sources say.  “The Cabal has been checkmated, as Trump is ready to federalize the National Guard in case of riots or civil unrest,” Pentagon sources say, adding that […]

“Fat Leonard”: ONE-THIRD Of All Navy Admirals Caught In Huge Foreign Bribery Scandal

SOURCE https://thehornnews.com/one-third-navy-brass-caught-huge-foreign-bribery-scandal/ NOVEMBER 25, 2017 Hundreds of military officials – including some of the highest-ranking brass in the Navy – are accused of helping a shadowy Asian merchant fleece Uncle Sam for tens of millions of dollars… and you probably haven’t heard a peep about it. It’s called the “Fat Leonard” scandal, and the investigation into […]

MAINSTREAM MEDIA REPORTING: USA TODAY: U.S. Coast Guard Operating Secret Floating Prisons in Pacific Ocean

SOURCE https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/11/28/u-s-coast-guard-operating-secret-floating-prisons-pacific-ocean/900462001/ Traci Tong, PRIPublished 3:43 a.m. ET Nov. 28, 2017 | Updated 8:12 a.m. ET Nov. 28, 2017 https://uw-media.usatoday.com/video/embed/108091572?sitelabel=reimagine&platform=desktop&continuousplay=true&placement=uw-smallarticleattophtml5&pagetype=story In the war on drugs, the U.S. Coast Guard is reportedly turning its cutter ships into floating prisons.Buzz60 (Photo: United States Department of Homeland Security) CONNECTTWEET 10LINKEDIN 110COMMENTEMAILMORE If you’ve followed the War on Terror at all, you’re almost […]

Benjamin Fulford: November 27, 2017: Huge Actionable Intelligence Haul From Marine Raid On CIA HQ; 60 Admirals & 440 US Navy Brass Investigated

SOURCE https://benjaminfulford.net/2017/11/27/huge-actionable-intelligence-haul-marine-raid-cia-hq/ By Benjamin Fulford White Dragon Society   The good guys are winning, folks, and it will not be long before the last brainwashed slaves are freed from the Khazarian debt-slavery mind-control matrix and the criminals rounded up. The Marine raid last week on CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia has yielded a huge haul of actionable […]