On the HIGHWAY TO HELL: Exploring the PIZZAGATE / PEDOGATE / PEDOWOOD Connection to the GETTY CENTER (Article and Video Compendium)

#Pedogate – Getty Museum – Home Of The Cabal’s Underground City of Child Sex Slaves Threatened By Fire An expanded compendium of articles and videos regarding the PIZZAGATE / PEDOGATE / PEDOWOOD connection to the Getty Center. ORIGINAL COMPENDIUM SOURCE: Ascension With  Earth RELATED   DEW YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?: HELL IS Literally BREAKING LOOSE […]

A Primer on Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramović: The First Cut Is the Deepest

https://art-for-a-change.com/blog/2017/05/spirit-cooking-with-marina-abramovic-the-first-cut-is-the-deepest.html CAUTION: The following essay contains violent imagery not suitable for the faint-hearted or for children under 13. Welcome to the wonderful world of postmodern art. A facet of the outlandish chronicles having to do with the U.S. presidential elections of 2016 that remains obscure and largely untold, is the unwitting role of the celebrity […]

PIZZAGATE / PEDOGATE: A Primer to Our Planet’s Ugly Shadow

This is the first few paragraphs from the very long, well presented DC Pizzagate site https://dcpizzagate.wordpress.com/author/dcpizzagate/, where is recommend you read the full article. Warning: Reading this article will result in what is known as being “red-pilled”.  I’ve created this to share the information Anonymous has collectively gathered and researched about a suspected pedophilia and […]

MAINSTREAM MEDIA REPORTING: The Washington Post: Mueller Might Be the One Who’s ‘Draining the Swamp’

https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/mueller-might-be-the-one-whos-draining-the-swamp/2017/11/24/e1f11ae0-c40b-11e7-84bc-5e285c7f4512_story.html?utm_term=.8dcd20e82f4b Matt Zapotosky and Tom Hamburger November 24 at 5:13 PM President Trump famously promised that, if elected president, he would “drain the swamp” — upending the culture in Washington that favors the well-connected.It is special counsel Robert S. Mueller III whose work seems to be sending shock waves through the capital, by exposing the lucrative work lobbyists […]