SO MUCH FOR INSURANCE AND SECRET SOCIETIES: FBI Officials Jim Baker, Attorney LISA PAGE (Agent Peter Strzok’s Lover) RESIGN (FIRED?) From Bureau

FBI Officials Jim Baker, LISA PAGE Resign From Bureau Fox News by Bradford Betz May 4, 2018 Two FBI officials who worked closely with embattled former bureau director James Comey have left the agency, Fox News has confirmed. Jim Baker, a top FBI lawyer who was reassigned in late 2017 after being linked to a […]

COLLUSION WITHIN OBAMA’s “SCANDAL-FREE” LEGACY: FBI Agents at Center of Trump-ed Up Investigation AND Clinton Email “Investigation” Text: ‘potus (Obama) wants to know everything we’re doing’

FBI Lovers’ Latest Text Messages: Obama ‘wants to know everything’ FOX NEWS Jake Gibson February 6, 2018 New questions over Peter Strzok’s role in Clinton probe Report: FBI agent helped James Comey craft letter reopening Clinton email investigation. Newly revealed text messages between FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page include an exchange about preparing talking points […]

MSM Reports: ‘It’s Corruption of the Highest Levels of the FBI’: Agency Informant Has Told Congress a SECRET SOCIETY at the Bureau Held CLANDESTINE Off-Site MEETINGS After Trump’s Election Victory

‘It’s corruption of the highest levels of the FBI’: Agency informant ‘has told Congress a secret society at the bureau held clandestine off-site meetings after Trump’s election victory’ A Republican senator is claiming that an FBI informant told Congress of ‘off-site meetings’ held by a ‘secret society’ of agents at the bureau  Senator Ron Johnson, […]

HOLD MY FEDERAL BEER: L. Tribe: “It’s Totally CRAZY to Suggest the FBI Has Been SECRETLY ANTI-TRUMP ALL ALONG.” FBI’s Strzok: “There’s No Way He Gets Elected… We Can’t Take That Risk, it’s LIKE an INSURANCE POLICY”

Crooked Hillary Takes Jab at POTUS After He Goes Scorched Earth on FBI Corruption Gateway Pundit   Cristina Laila  January 1, 2018 Crooked Hillary Clinton is still blaming fired FBI Director James Comey for her crushing loss in the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton re-tweeted Laurence Tribe, a radical left-wing Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School, […]

FBICO: 15 Minutes of Testimony Could Save the U.S. 15% on the FBI’s 2018 Budget as Top FBI Agents Who Struggled to Provide INSURANCE Against CANDIDATE TRUMP Stonewall at Hearings

Peter Strzok’s “insurance” text and the FBI’s plot to stop Trump Strzok’s “insurance” text shows the FBI disregarded warnings that launching Russiagate was wrong Source THE DURAN by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS     December 20, 2017 The last few days the media has been buzzing with speculation about the precise meaning of a text message sent by the […]

“THE BLACK WORLD”: FBI >> Comey > Andrew McCabe > Peter Strzok > Flynn > Sally Yates > Mike Rogers > Erik Prince >> Academi & Constellis (Rice, Lynch, Power, Priestap, Baker)

SOURCE – Thread Reader App by redacted@nameredacted5 The Conclusion: 50. These people are the black world. We don’t move in the shadows we ARE the shadows. The Deep State better be careful. Their pawns and rooks and knights are being taken off the board. This isn’t just a judicial remedy. 3% oath keepers stand by. 1) I’ve […]