Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion: Updates January 13-25: FISA / #ReleaseTheMemo / FBI / Secret Societies / Secret Space Program / Tesla / Electric Universe / Big Pharma

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion: Updates January 13-25: FISA / FBI / Secret Societies / Secret Space Program / Tesla / Electric Universe / Health / Big Pharma Dewey Larson Reciprocal System   The Simple Essence of Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of Physics ( Boardman, Jameela M. ) An overview of the universality […]

Destroying the Illusion with Jordan Sather: EXOPOLITICS AND THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM: SSP Overview, Webinar, UFO-Black Money Ops, Podesta/HRC-ET Connnection, Full vs. Partial Disclosure, Corey Goode

Jordan Sather has produced a number of videos regarding the Secret Space Program, which is a “Black Operation” within the US government, and Exopolitics, which is the political situation between Earth-based humans and other sentient species. If this interests you, Jordan is conducting a series of webinars on these topics. Subscribe to the “Conscious Netflix”, […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.19 – New Q Anon / SEA Train / MSM UFO-ET Coverage / SETI Alien Rock / ATL “Live Burn Training” a WEEK before Fire Causes Blackout & 1 Mystery Plane Departed

Squawker: 4chan users find evidence ATL airport part of coverup – ATL airport drill on Dec. 7th – ANTIFA deletes page about derailing trains – Man trespasses onto US AFB in UK – Top FBI Agents to be subpoenaed – SETI: “Is Mysterious space rock alien ship?” – Alien […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.18 – The Congressional Sexual Harassment Storm Cometh / Pope Hosts Kids Pizza Party / Fake UFO Disclosure / Atlanta Airport Blackout & Shutdown / Obama Hezbollah Ties

SEE ALSO: 2nd in Command of the Vatican, Deputy Pope George Pell, on Trial in Australia for Trafficking 100 Boys Used to Entrap and Blackmail Priests for the Black Pope 50 lawmakers to face sex harassment charges today? – Glowing auras & “black money’ NYT report – Obama helped Hezbollah – Royal Commission investigated […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.15 – Q Anon Suppressed on 8chan / McCain Against Sex Trafficking Bill / Sex Harassment Latest / MSM Scientist Hoopla: “Possible ET Craft in Our Solar System”

Q 4chan posts – Latest 8chan Q thread – McCain eyes exit from Senate – 6 Senators against human trafficking legislation – Dustin Hoffman Sexual Harassment – World first travel ban against pedophiles – Lawyer sought cash for Trump accusers – New alien exoplanet – Alien minerals […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: Jordan Sather Presents Evidence of Geoengineering and Directed Energy Weapons Used on California Fires Patreon: PayPal: DTI FB Group – DTI Twitter: DTI Facebook: My FaceBook: RELATED D.E.W. Soft Disclosure in 1985: “Operation Crossbow” in Opening Scene of “Real Genius” Reveals Space-borne Laser or Directed Energy Weapon Vaporizing Human Target Eating Breakfast “California Lightning” aka D.E.W.: FOX’s Not-So-Distant Early Warning of […]

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion on Roger Stone’s InfoWars War Room: Trump’s Legal Advice / Dina Powell / H.R. McMaster’s Abuse of Power / Uranium One

Remixed from the YouTube post: Tyler Nixon joins Roger Stone and interviews Jordan Sather “Destroying the Illusion” for interesting insights regarding many topics: Mr. Stone raises the question of the quality of President Trump’s legal advice and the partisan nature of the “Mueller Russia Probe” as well as the commitment of the two party duopoly […]

“Aliens Are Demons!” = Another Psy-Op to Distract Us: Jordan Sather’s DESTROYING THE ILLUSION EXOPOLITICS Patreon: PayPal: DTI Twitter: DTI Facebook: My FaceBook:

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.13 – Storm Update & Q / Roy Moore Election Sting! / Indictment Unsealed Mass. State Senator / Stephen Hawking “Asteroid” = ET CRAFT Semi-Soft Disclosure

        Alabama Supreme Court Okays Destruction of Digital Voting Records – Sealed Indictment Unsealed? – Surgeon who Exposed Clinton Fdn. in Haiti Found Dead – Asteroid is “Alien Probe with Broken Engines?” – THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Fusion GPS Admits Senior DOJ Official’s Wife Was Hired to Probe […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.12 – Q “Follow the Wives” Priestess Cult / Fusion GPS & WIFE of Demoted Senior DOJ Official / Adam Schiff / FBI & McCabe / MSM: “Spacecraft Passing Earth?!”

      The Conservative Treehouse – Schiff Caught in Intel Sting – McCabe Cancels Testimony – Wray Investigating Top FBI Brass – “Mysterious Object May Be Alien Spacecraft!” – Ex-CIA Director Admits “Deep State vs. Trump” – RELATED SHAKEUP: FBI DIRECTOR WRAY DEMOTES Embattled FBI Deputy Director ANDREW McCABE […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.11 – False Flag Sacrifice to Distract from Storm / Another Plane Crash Near Rothschild HQ / Q Outs Adam Schiff / “Trump Accusers” / NYC Bombing

9th Circuit Court Judge Accused of Harassment – George Soros Funds “Brave New Films”, who Threw Today’s Megyn Kelley Press Conference w/ “Trump Accusers” – North Korea Now Pushing for “Bio-Weapons” – Another Plane Crash Near Rothschild HQ – “Some YouTubers Think Cali Wildfires are a Conspiracy” – Patreon: […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.10 – More Q Anon / 44,000 DoD Personnel Unaccounted For AFTER Audit Announced / Full Storm by Christmas? / Weird Flying Objects & Booms / Antarctica Anomaly Patreon: PayPal: DTI FB Group – DTI Twitter: DTI Facebook: My FaceBook:

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.8 – End of Q Anon? / PENTAGON AUDITS THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE / Obama Spied on Erik Prince / UFO Sightings / Jordan Sather to Appear on InfoWars War Room

INFOWARS WAR ROOM w/ ROGER STONE today @ 2:30pm – FIRST EVER DOD AUDIT – Obama spied on Erik Prince too – UFO Video from Dec. 3rd- Cigar Shaped UFO (SecureTeam Video) – Patreon: PayPal: DTI FB Group – DTI Twitter: DTI Facebook: My […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.6 – D.C. Multi-Agency Raids / Q Anon / UFO News / US Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital / Pizzagate-Pedogate News / California Fires

                28 Arrested in DC Crackdown – Tucker Carlson/FOX on Vegas Shooting – Fox: “Best Day to View UFO?” – “Secret Space Program?!” – Antarctic discovery suggests life on other planets – Corey Feldmans 1993 audio recordings found – Getty Center […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.5 – MegaAnon 8chan Response / Q Anon / FBI / 72 Hr Military Alert? / Microwave Weapons in North Korea / Netflix Disclosures / Pedogate News / MSM ET Soft Disclosures

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Spox and Office of DOJ Inspector General Release Statements” – Lt. Col Roy Potter: “72 Hour Military Alert” – Basic Guide to SkyKings – Microwave Weapons on North Korea – Disobedient Media: East-Coast Trafficking Testimony – 200 Arrests in Pedo Ring – Google Hiring […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.4 – MegaAnon & Q Anon / Flynn & Meuller Probe / Strange Space Noises / Dead Doctor #80 / More ET and Free Energy Soft Disclosure / Russia and China Building Space Weapons Patreon: PayPal: DTI FB Group – DTI Twitter: DTI Facebook: My FaceBook: Snapchat @destroyillusion Instagram @jaysather US general: Russia and China building space weapons to target US satellites SOURCE By Ryan Browne and Barbara Starr, CNN   Updated 7:42 PM ET, Sat December 2, 2017 (CNN) A senior US general said Saturday […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 12.1 – Podesta & Clinton Outlandish Responses to PIZZAGATE / Flynn Witch Hunt / Q Anon / Mysterious Booms / ET Disclosure / Newsweek: May Need to Rethink Physics

Micheal Trimm’s YouTube – Live TOMORROW MORNING @ 7AM PST to talk Secret Space Programs Running Q posts on 4chan – Podesta asked about pizzagate on Nov 29th – NBC: Search for alien life stalling – Newsweek: “May need to rethink physics!” – Russia Today: “Loud Booms!” – […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 11.29 – New WH Anon on 8chan? (MegaAnon) / Q Anon / Trump Tweets / Lauer & Scarborough’s Dead Intern / Saudi Arabia & North Korea / DARPA Hunting Underground

Watch my Gaia interview! – Sign up for Gaia here – New “WH Anon” Thread – Running 4chan Q Thread – Death of Joe Scarborough’s Intern – Judicial Watch Clinton/Lynch Releases – POTOS trolls Pelosi & Schumer – DARPA Digging Underground – . Patreon: PayPal: […]

DESTROYING THE ILLUSION: 11.27 – Project Veritas / Trump Touts ‘Conspiracy’ Website / Africans Being Sold at Libyan Slave Markets / Weinstein Sex Trafficking / Dead Doctor / Aliens AREN’T Demons

Trump touts ‘conspiracy’ site – James O’Keefe (Project Veritas) Twitter – Weinstein accused of sex trafficking – Thanks for slavery, Hillary – University class on aliens – Latest dead doctor – Patreon: PayPal: DTI FB Group – DTI Twitter: DTI Facebook: My FaceBook: […]

The Article “They” Don’t Want You To Read: Internet Archive of MAGAPILL’s “Q Clearance Patriot: The Storm and The Awakening”

The article below was retweeted by Donald Trump on November 25th, and the site immediately began to suffer from hacking and DDOS attacks. CLEARLY, THIS IS THE INFORMATION “THEY” DON’T WANT YOU TO READ. Thank goodness for the Internet Archive at the Wayback Machine. Source Orignal Article on Archived Post on the awesome Wayback […]