Below is an adapted email dialog between a friend and I regarding Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049. The main question for me has been: Is K the offspring of Rachael and Deckard, or is he just another Replicant? 

It is my understanding that the common conclusion at the end of the movie is that K is NOT the offspring of Rachael and Deckard, and that Dr. Ana Stelline, the Memory Maker, is. The first time I saw the movie I was like, “Wait, no, that’s not right. How the heck did he conclude that he WASN’T the twin to Stelline?” I had to watch the movie again to see what was supposed to clench it, because the Memory Maker told him HIS MEMORY WAS REAL.

It turns out that the reason K believes that he is NOT “the one,” not the offspring of Rachel, because the leader of the Replicant Freedom Movement TOLD HIM that she was present when Rachael gave birth, and she gave birth to a DAUGHTER.

That’s THE reason he believes that STELLINE is THE ONE and HE IS NOT.

Except THEY WERE TWINS. Below is a break down of why I believe that K is Stelline the Memory Maker’s twin brother and not just a run of the mill Replicant.

The answers to the questions in the headline are answered directly and succinctly at the bottom of this article.

I wanted to see if I could pinpoint what I thought was odd about Blade Runner 2049. Here is the plot as posted on Wikipedia, I’ve highlighted the areas that sit funny with me. (Click the image to expand.)

Blade Runner Plot

So K finds out that there were TWINS born on 6/10/21, and ONLY THE BOY was said to be alive. He tracks the record of the BOY to the orphanage where he follows his “memory” to the place where the horse was hidden.

He then somehow goes to the female that had the same DNA, which turns out to be the Replicant Memory Maker. I don’t know how he knew she was the DNA match, but he did ask her about his memory and SHE CONFIRMS THAT IT IS REAL, “leading K to CONCLUDE he is Rachael’s son.”

He falls into the hand of the Replicant Freedom Movement where the LEADER of the group SAYS that she helped deliver Rachael’s DAUGHTER, which LEADS K TO “UNDERSTAND” (CONCLUDE) “he is not Rachael’s child” and “DEDUCES Stelline is Rachael’s daughter and the memory of the horse is HERS.” The Leader then ASKS K TO KILL DECKARD.

Why does this information from the movement leader supersede the information from the Memory Maker that “the memory is real”?

According to the records there was a Daughter AND a Son. The Leader could have been telling the truth when she said she was there when she delivered Rachael’s daughter, because she had TWINS. She was either THERE FOR SON’S BIRTH, TOO, or she left after the daughter was born but before the son was born. Either way, her saying “she was there during the birth of a daughter” does not preclude there being a son born, too.

The DNA records show there were TWINS with “identical DNA except for the sex chromosome” “BORN on that date, but only the BOY is LISTED as alive.” Stelline is one of them: WHERE IS THE BOY?

Clara Peller Wendy's Where's the Beef BOY1

It was the BOY’S record trail that lead to the orphanage, not planted memories. Deckard says he scrambled the records… so that what, the male died at birth and everything happened to the female? If he scrambled the records, plural, and he is the father, he knew there was BOTH a SON AND a DAUGHTER, contradicting what the Rebellion Leader had implied.

The Leader asked K to KILL DECKARD, so she could have totally been intentionally misleading him by implying that it was ONLY a girl that was born. I ask you then, WHERE ARE THE TWINS, WHERE IS THE BOY?

Clara Peller Wendy's Where's the Beef BOY

Stelline the Dream Maker CONFIRMED HIS MEMORY WAS REAL. Why then, do we just take the word of the Rebel Leader that Rachel gave birth to a girl and only a girl and NOT TWINS? The word of someone that then asks us to kill Deckard?

I still think both of them are twin brother and sister, that the DEDUCTION that the memory is HERS and NOT HIS is INCORRECT, and that Stelline’s CONFIRMATION that the memory was REAL is WHAT IS.

Blade Runner Plot

Upon reading the above, a friend asked:

How does he have replicant strength? 

He IS a Replicant, or Replicant Hybrid, the offspring of a Replicant who is not supposed to be able to reproduce. 

Why wouldn’t his sister admit to being his sister?

Why would she know?

Why wouldn’t Deckard admit to being his Dad?

Perhaps Deckard didn’t know? He did know there were two records, I don’t know why he didn’t think both were alive.

The records SHOW that “one of them was alive,” which means there WAS TWO at one point.

The leader of the resistance said “the daughter was born” and fails to mention the son. If twins were born, like the records show and was covered up, then this would be an error of omission by the leader, likely intentional but possibly unintentional. 

Perhaps the Deckard the Father only knew about one being born and not the other. We don’t know that he was present when Rachael gave birth, only when she conceived. 😉

How would the Sister/Memory Maker know anything if they were separated at birth? She would have to have been informed later in her life, something we were never shown or told.

Ohhh…well, I could see that he’s a replicant and potentially the son.  

So he got the replicant resilience and she was too fragile to live in the real world though she’s also kind of a replicant or is she human?

They are twins “with identical DNA aside from the sex chromosome” so they should be VERY similar. But like most mythic Male/Female Twins, they have different superpowers because one represents the Air element and the other represents Earth. The Memory Maker has the power to make memories, the brother’s superpowers are not so clearly revealed, aside from his persistence and tenacity.

The Twins are the offspring of Rachael, an experimental Replicant, and Deckard.  The movie is ambiguous as to whether Deckard was Human or a Replicant, but Ford said he and Ridley Scott have agreed Deckard is Human.


So the Twins are either Replicant-Human or Replicant-Replicant, but they are not 100% Human. The Memory Maker is at least 1/2 Replicant from her mother, Rachael. And I say the same applies to K. There was a RECORD of Twins, only the resistance leader said that it was a daughter… but did she just fail to say there was ALSO a son?

Metaphorically, it makes sense that they ARE the Twins. Mythologically and in fiction we have Apollo and Artemis, Luke and Leia, Nut and Geb, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, Indica and Sativa. Well, maybe not the last one. The point being, there is a chapter of the Universal Journey that is reflected in art and in story where the Sky and the Earth are perceived as Twins, “born at the same time,” which is just the emergence of a new polarity, a new dimension.


Is Deckard Human or Replicant?
According to Ford and Scott: Human.

Is K the Twin Brother to the Memory Maker?
This article concludes they are Twins, offspring of Rachel and Deckard.

Are the Offspring of Rachael and Deckard Human, Replicant, or Hybrid?
According to Ford and Scott they are Hybrid, Maternal Replicant, Paternal Human.