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USE DISCRETION, BUT FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Pence’s Doctor Recently Connected to NXIVM Cult by Sorcha Faal ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT; Linked to Senator Tester “Honey Pot” Trap

VOAT Discussion:

Mike Pence’s Doctor Is Forced Out After Clashing With Trump’s Physician Ronny Jackson Over Karen Pence’s Health and Secretly Briefing Senators on His Conduct

  • Vice President Mike Pence’s physician Dr Jennifer Peña resigned from the White House Medical Unit on Friday
  • It came after Jackson had shared with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly details of an unspecified medical incident involving second lady Karen Pence
  • Dr. Jennifer Peña then secretly leveled allegations at Jackson with Senate Democrats who were to vote on his confirmation to the top VA post 
  • Peña had said that Jackson committed an egregious violation of Mrs. Pence’s legally protected patient privacy rights
  • A person with knowledge of the internal workings of the vice president’s office told that Peña’s complaints were met with anger from Pence 
Vice President Mike Pence's physician, Army officer Jennifer Peña, resigned from the White House Medical Unit on Friday
Vice President Mike Pence’s physician, Army officer Jennifer Peña, resigned from the White House Medical Unit on Friday

Vice President Mike Pence‘s physician resigned on Friday over accusations that she inflated the seriousness of a privacy mini-scandal involving Dr. Ronny Jackson, who was until recently President Donald Trump‘s doctor and his nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Jackson, a naval rear admiral, had shared with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly details of an unspecified medical incident involving second lady Karen Pence.

Dr. Jennifer Peña, Pence’s doctor and an Army officer, then secretly leveled allegations at Jackson with Senate Democrats who were to vote on his confirmation to the top VA post.

Jackson, Peña told them, had committed an egregious violation of Mrs. Pence’s legally protected patient privacy rights.

A person with knowledge of the internal workings of the vice president’s office told that Peña’s complaints were met with anger from Pence himself after the fallout sparked the beginning of the end for Jackson.

Jackson had shared with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly details of an unspecified medical incident involving second lady Karen Pence (pictured). Peña accused Jackson of committing an egregious violation of Mrs. Pence's legally protected patient privacy rights

Jackson had shared with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly details of an unspecified medical incident involving second lady Karen Pence (pictured). Peña accused Jackson of committing an egregious violation of Mrs. Pence’s legally protected patient privacy rights

A person with knowledge of the internal workings of the vice president's office told that Peña's complaints were met with anger from Pence (pictured on Friday)

A person with knowledge of the internal workings of the vice president’s office told that Peña’s complaints were met with anger from Pence (pictured on Friday)

Kelly, too, was frustrated at the back-biting among medical professionals who are also military leaders.

‘Pence was mad. Kelly was mad,’ the Pence insider said. ‘I don’t know if the president got involved but nobody likes disloyalty around here.’

‘If we can’t count on doctors in uniform to back each other up, we’ve got problems.’

Jackson, who had cared for President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama before Trump took him on as well, saw his star fall quickly.

Instead of being promoted, he is no longer Trump’s personal doctor.

‘The Vice President’s office was informed today by the White House Medical Unit of the resignation,’ Pence spokeswoman Alyssa Farah said in a statement.

The Pentagon has formally opened an investigation into Ronny Jackson, the White House physician who pulled his name from consideration for Veterans Affairs secretary last week.

‘Physicians assigned to the Vice President report to the White House Medical Unit and thus any resignation would go entirely through the Medical Unit, not the Vice President’s office.’

Jackson pulled his name out of consideration to lead the Veterans Affairs Department after Democratic Sen Jon Tester, the Veterans’ Affairs Committee’s ranking Democrat, publicly released a collection of allegations against him by 23 current and former colleagues.

He was accused of overprescribing sleeping pills, drinking while on duty and presiding over a hostile work environment.

Jackson denied all the allegations. He has returned to work in the White House Medical Unit, but lost his slot as Trump’s personal doctor to another Navy officer named Sean Conley.


Montana Senator Jon Tester Linked To Vile “Honey Trap” Plot Against President Trump by Sorcha Faal May 1, 2018

An intriguing new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that a “Honey Trap” plot initiated against President Donald Trump had as one of its main leaders the Democratic Party US Senator from Montana named Jon Tester—whose purpose behind was to eject from the White House its personal physician US Navy Admiral Ronnie Jackson in order to replace him with US Army Doctor Jennifer Peña—with Dr. Jennifer Peña being a known close associate of the just captured Hollywood actress Allison Mack arrested for her sex trafficking crimes—but whose plot failed and led to Trump to declare this past weekend  “Tester started throwing out things that he’s heard.  Well I know things about Tester that I could say too.  And if I said them, he’d never be elected again.”  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, on 28 March 2018President Trump announced that he planned to replace David Shulkin with Admiral Ronny Jackson as Secretary of Veterans Affairs—thus meaning that Admiral Jackson would have to appear before the powerful United States Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs to secure his nomination—and whose second in command of this committee is Ranking Member Senator Jon Tester.

Within 48 hours of Senator Tester knowing that he would be co-leading the committee hearing the testimony of Admiral Jackson, this report details, he received in his Washington D.C. office a visit from Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman (sister heirs of the billion-dollar Seagram fortune)—that was not unusual as both of theses Bronfman sisters are members of former President Bill Clinton’s supposed charitable organization called the Clinton Global Initiative.

Raising “alarm bells” among SVR intelligence analysts about the Bronfman sisters meeting with Senator Tester, though, this report says, was that they were accompanied to this meeting by Dr. Jennifer Peña, who was then the personal physician to Vice President Mike Pence—and with all of these women being members of what is called the NXIVM cult sex group.

The sex cult group NXIVM has long been linked to the Clintons, this report notes, and whose leader, Keith Raniere, forced his sex slaves to receive a brand on their bodies, along with his ordering them to donate millions to the Hillary Clinton campaign—one of whom was US Army doctor Jennifer Peña who, in 2010, was embroiled in a sordid sex scandal that caused her US Army evaluators to write about her a warning that she “was well-known for her lewd, hypersexual behavior and sexually-explicit comments”, and who was further known to “have a history of making false allegations against men”—but that astonishingly, just two weeks before Trump took office, saw the Obamaregime appoint her to the White House Military Office, who then assigned her to be the physician to Vice President Mike Pence.

NXIVM sex cult member and physician to Vice President Mike Pence, Jennifer Peña, MD

In the unfolding of this Senator Tester led plot against President Trump, this report continues, it began with NXIVM sex cult member Dr. Jennifer Peña telling repeated scurrilous lies about Admiral Jackson to Tester in secret—that Tester would then immediately leak to the media claiming that these allegations were from true though “unnamed sources”—but all of whose allegations were shredded completely by the Secret Service as being nothing more than made up lies.

SVR intelligence analysts writing in this report state that this was, in fact, a typical “Honey Trap” operation whose purpose was to oust Admiral Jackson from the White House—with his then being replaced by NXIVM sex cult member Dr. Jennifer Peña who was next in line for this post—and that should this have happened, would have seen her, without a doubt, concocting stories claiming that “easy target” Trump had tried to rape her, at the least.


Unbeknownst to Montana Senator Jon Tester, the Clintons, or any of the NXIVM sex cult members, though, this report concludes, President Trump, and those forces loyal to him, already knew about this “Honey Trap” plot before it even started—which was why Trumpian forces were able to quickly smash these plotters as soon as they began their crimes by arresting NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere, his second in command Hollywood actress Allison Mack and, no doubt, many more to follow in the days and weeks to come—with it, also, being obvious that Trump never had any intention of Admiral Jackson being the Secretary of Veterans Affairs—choosing, instead, to use him a “bait” in this intelligence operation to destroy this plot—with Admiral Jackson, of course, being rewarded for his heroic actions by his just being named Deputy Assistant to President Trump.

NXIVM Decoded Karma Pronounced

VOAT Discussion:

Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson gets a new title: Deputy Assistant to President Trump, following reports that he will no longer be the president’s doctor after withdrawing from VA job race

Daily Mail Geoff Earle and George Martin 30 April 2018

  • Jackson pulled back after Trump nominated him to be the next Veterans Affairs secretary 
  • He is remaining on staff of the White House medical unit but will no longer serve as the president’s personal physician
  •  He pulled back following reports about allegations relating to his prescription of meds and claims of a ‘hostile’ work environment
  • The White House said said he would be a ‘deputy assistant’ to Trump  
  • Said there are  ‘no personnel announcements at this time’
  • The White House fails to properly vet potential top-level staff it is claimed
  • In some cases, sources said they had done little more than a Google search 
  • Insiders claim the President frequently vetoes staff picks over personal distaste

The White House confirmed Monday that Admiral Ronny Jackson remains on ‘active duty’ – but revealed a title that indicates he is no longer the president’s personal physician.

Instead, Jackson is now a ‘deputy assistant’ to President Trump – a post for which the White House declined to provide a job description when asked about it.

‘Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is currently on active duty, assigned to the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President,’ said White House spokesman Raj Shah.

‘Despite published reports, there are no personnel announcements at this time,’ he added.

His statement came after Politico reported that he wouldn’t go back to being the president’s personal physician.

Navy veteran Dr. Sean Conley assumed those duties following Jackson’s nomination.

The Pentagon has formally opened an investigation into Ronny Jackson, the White House physician who pulled his name from consideration for Veterans Affairs secretary last week 

White House doctor Ronny Jackson was recently forced to withdraw his nomination for secretary of veterans affairs following a string of allegations. He is now a deputy assistant to the president

Jackson famously gave Trump a sterling public report on his medical condition while hailing the president’s genes at a time when his health and even his mental fitness were under attack.

The White House didn’t respond when asked for a description of what Jackson would do in his new role or how long he would remain there.

Jackson’s nomination went off the skeds when Montana Democratic Sen. John Tester released a report with allegations of breaches in pill prescribing norms, alleged drunk driving, and creating hostile work environment.

Trump on Saturday said Tester should resign and also hinted he knew damaging information about the senator who helped bring down the nomination when he revealed Jackson got the nickname ‘Candy Man’ for allegedly handing out Ambien and other meds on overseas flights.

Trump said in a tweet Saturday afternoon that Tester's comments about Admiral Jackson are 'very dishonest and sick' 

Trump said in a tweet Saturday afternoon that Tester’s comments about Admiral Jackson are ‘very dishonest and sick’

Jackson vigorously denied the allegations against him. Among other things, he said he never wrecked a car, and the Secret Service released a statement saying it had no record he had trashed a government vehicle after a party for an agent – an allegation contained in a document released by the Senate Veterans Affairs committee.

 At a rally in Michigan on Saturday night, Trump branded the Democratic senator ‘disgraceful’ for derailing Jackson’s Veterans Affairs nomination and said he ‘knows things’ about him that that could scupper his bid for re-election.

‘What Jon Tester said about this man is a disgrace. I have things I could say about Tester… and if I said them he wouldn’t be elected again,’ Trump told the rowdy rally at the Total Sports Park in Washington Township.

In a tweet Saturday afternoon Trump said Tester’s claims that Jackson was known as the ‘candy man’ among staff for passing out controlled substances on presidential trips was ‘very dishonest and sick’.

‘Secret Service has just informed me that Senator Jon Tester’s statements on Admiral Jackson are not true. There were no such findings,’ Trump tweeted. ‘A horrible thing that we in D.C. must live with, just like phony Russian Collusion. Tester should lose race in Montana.’

A White House insider has claimed President Trump pushed his personal physician Ronny Jackson forward for a government role before he had had been properly vetted.

A Republican strategist who works closely with him claimed the President tends to adopt a ‘ready, shoot, aim, as opposed to ready, aim, shoot,’ approach to hiring.

President Trump is also said to be in the midst of a hiring crisis, as his strict demands on loyalty have caused headaches for other government figures looking to take on staff.

‘The Trump White House vetting machine is an oxymoron,’ the anonymous figure told the Washington Post.

 ‘There’s only one answer – Trump decides who he wants and tells people. That’s the vetting process.’

Jackson, a Navy rear admiral, was forced to withdraw his nomination for secretary of veterans affairs following a string of allegations that included he loosely handled prescription pain medications and was intoxicated during an overseas trip.

He has also stepped down as Trump’s personal physician following the allegations – which he vehemently denies.

‘They need to probably vet before they start throwing names out,’ said Senator Joni Ernst.

While Walter Shaub, a former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics who resigned last summer in protest of Trump’s conduct, said the President’s ‘ethics are based on loyalty.’

He also warned of complacency when it came to the vetting process – arguing that a failure to follow procedure left Jackson vulnerable to attacks in the press.

‘When you make the announcement before you do all of the work, you could end up embarrassing the nominee,’ he added.

Lawyers involved in the vetting process say Trump, or the White House, often announces picks before they are fully vetted – and they describe an irregular process that sometimes is not followed if a candidate has high-level approval.

A number of Cabinet officials have been announced with little more than a public-records search, according to current and former administration officials.

The President was said to have adopted a 'ready, shoot, aim, as opposed to ready, aim, shoot,' approach to hiring

The President was said to have adopted a ‘ready, shoot, aim, as opposed to ready, aim, shoot,’ approach to hiring

‘He would announce, and then we’d say, “You need to fill out some forms”,’ one former official recalled.

White House staff said they employed a process of simply using Google searches to vet candidates in the early days of the Trump presidency – as well as soliciting recommendations from other political appointees.

And although they say the process has come on leaps and bounds – they also cautioned that there is still some way to go before it is fully watertight.

In some cases, the President is also said to have vetoed other government figure’s staff picks over personal mistrust.

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions, then the star of President Trump’s early Cabinet, was assembling his and picked Sarah Isgur Flores as his top spokeswoman – the President reportedly didn’t allow her to take up the post until she pledged her allegiance to him in person.

Aides say this was because she had criticized Trump, repeatedly, during the 2016 Republican primaries.

Vice President Pence is also said to be subject to presidential interference.

At least two of his top candidates for his national security adviser faltered after being deemed unfavorable toward Trump.

One pick, Jerry Hendrix, a retired Navy captain, was seriously considered but was dinged in part because of an anti-Trump tweet, according to a source.


Pence’s MD Jennifer Pena: Sexual Harassment Allegations, Prescription Fraud, Skull and Bones, and More?

Dr. Jennifer Pena: Sexual harassment allegations, prescription fraud, Skull and Bones, and so much more!?

She’s been inducted into Skull and Bones, reported for sexual harassment, and has a history of lewd and lascivious behavior, all prior to being hired by Obama. She was prescribed psychotropic medications and was involved in prescription fraud. Reading into the article, it seems that Dr. Czr (a pseudonym) was targeted, potentially because he was trying to control and contain bad and illegal behavior at Walter Reed, including malpractice, neglect, and prescription fraud. Despite evidence that people had altered his record to incriminate Czr, DoD Inspector General refused to investigate. They then tried to transfer Czr to Korea! [1]


Monday, August 23, 2010

Department of Defense Inspector General Refuses to Investigate Army Doc Whistleblower’s Complaint

William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Fort Bliss (El Paso), Texas

The victim’s name in the following true story has been changed to Dr. Czr for his protection and for the protection of his family.  All other names remain accurate.

Leaked Congressional Letter and Reprisals

Dr. Czr, an army physician, who was known to be one of the top physicians of his residency class was chosen in August 2008 to become the next chief resident of the Internal Medicine Residency program at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, Texas. In December of 2008, his direct supervisor, Lieutenant Colonel (Dr.) Kent DeZee, wrote a glowing letter of recommendation praising Dr. Czr’s leadership skills. Dr. Czr would start this position on July 1, 2009.

In March 2009, 4 months before starting his new position, Dr. Czr wrote a private letter to Congressman Silvestre Reyes relaying his concerns about the inadequate care that the local Veterans Affairs was providing to its patients. In this letter, Dr. Czr called for the termination of a federal employee, retired Colonel Mary Ancker, who was the liaison between the VA hospital and the military hospital. Ms. Ancker obtained a copy of his private letter and emailed a copy several hospital leaders at William Beaumont Army Medical Center including Dr. Czr’s supervisor, Dr. Kent DeZee on April 7, 2009.  In this email, Ms. Ancker demanded a public apology for Dr. Czr’s private letter.

Immediately, Dr. Kent DeZee then circulated Dr. Czr’s private letter to several other physicians in the hospital and to the residency committee in an effort to remove Dr. Czr from starting his position as chief of medical residents. In his own sworn statement, Dr. DeZee stated he and the committee wanted to “fire” Dr. Czr for his congressional letter but they could not because of the federal whistleblower’s act.  According to Dr. Czr, Dr. DeZee stated that “everyone up to the hospital commander”, the military equivalent of the Hospital CEO, had seen his letter.  The hospital commander at this time was Colonel (Dr.) James Baunchalk.  Dr. Czr requested the notes from this meeting through the Freedom of Information Act, but Colonel Baunchalk and his lawyers have refused to comply.  Dr. Czr also requested the email correspondence between Dr. DeZee and other physicians in the hospital to include Dr. Baunchalk through the Freedom of Information Act, but again Dr. Baunchalk and his lawyers have refused to comply.

When Dr. DeZee would not “fire” Dr. Czr from starting his position, the secretary of the residency program, Ms. Linda Palomarez, told Dr. Czr that he should resign because of the controversy in his congressional letter.  Soon after several senior physicians in the residency program also told Dr. Czr to resign from his future position as the chief resident to include the chief of the Department of Medicine, Colonel Wayne T. Frank.  Dr. Czr refused to resign.

When Dr. Czr refused to resign, Dr. DeZee then attempted to create a petition amongst Dr. Czr’s peers to have him removed as the future chief resident and replace him with Dr. Juan Martinez-Ross.  According to Dr. DeZee’s own memorandum for record, he ordered a resident that he should create this petition.  Dr. Juan Martinez-Ross, who had also applied for the sameposition in August 2008, was also involved in recruiting others for this petition. In addition, the wife of Dr. Martinez-Ross, Carolyn Martinez-Ross, a school teacher in the El Paso Independent School District, attempted to recruit a person from outside of the residency program to gather grievances against Dr. Czr.  The petition failed.

After Dr. DeZee failed to fire Dr. Czr, to force his resignation, and to create a petition to have Dr. Czr removed he then ordered an intern to file a sexual harassment claim against him.  On May 26, 2009 (less than 2 months before Dr. Czr would have started his position as chief resident), Dr. DeZee ordered Captain (Dr.) Jennifer Marie Pena, an intern who was transferring to Walter Reed in less than 2 months, to file a sexual harassment claim.  Dr. DeZee also transferred to Walter Reed at the beginning of July 2009.

Sexual Harassment Investigation

According to the subsequent investigation, Dr. Pena had unsuccessfully sought a romantic relationship with Dr. Czr while she was engaged to her first fiancé.  However, during the investigation, she falsely claimed she wanted nothing but a professional relationship with Dr. Czr and that she had rejected his advances numerous times. Yet she had divulged personal matters in her life such as her induction into Yale’s Skull and Bones Society, her mother losing her job, and her fiancé’s infidelity. In addition, Dr. Pena shared with Dr. Czr a childhood story when her father, a formal army pharmacist, asked the judge at a custody hearing why should he pay child support when he knew his daughters would grow up to be prostitutes. Finally, records show that Dr. Czr and his wife reported that Dr. Pena was pursuing to break up Dr. Czr’s marriage and had bought Dr. Czr a gift during this same time period that Dr. Pena was allegedly sexually harassed.  In the investigation, Dr. Czr stated that Dr. Pena began making frightening comments to him such as she hoped that his wife would have something “bad happen” so she could be with Dr. Czr and that Dr. Pena claimed she could be a better mother than his wife.

Colonel Baunchalk and his lawyers then influenced the investigation and falsely represented the findings of the investigation. Despite Colonel Baunchalk’s request to extend the investigation, he failed to interview 4 of 7 witnesses requested by Dr. Czr.  One of these witnesses later wrote that she had witnessed Dr. Pena pursuing a relationship with Dr. Czr.  Colonel Baunchalk also ignored Dr. Czr’s photographic evidence of Dr. Pena’s text messages from her to him that solicited him for a sexual/romantic relationship.

Dr. Pena was actually married or engaged to Major Christopher Flaugh during the investigation but stated during the investigation in June 2009 that she was skill engaged to her first fiance.  The photo above shows her last name to be Flaugh as of 1 August 2009.

Dr. Pena’s transfer to Walter Reed was known since December 2008 and her stated reason was to be near her first fiancé, a civilian anesthesiology intern, who lived on the East Coast. Unknown to the program and to the investigating officer was that Dr. Pena’s first fiancé ended the engagement in December 2008.  However, Dr. Pena continued to lie about her engagement to avoid having her transfer canceled.  During the investigation, Dr. Pena continued to claim she was engaged to her first fiancé but denied the investigating officer access to him.  Records show that Dr. Pena was actually engaged to Major Christopher Flaugh, a physical therapist at William Beaumont Army Medical Center at or near the time of her sexual harassment claim. Major Flaugh would soon transfer to Walter Reed after Dr. Pena’s transfer in July 2009.  Colonel Baunchalk’s lawyers also refused to interview Major Christopher Flaugh at the request of Dr. Czr.

Records also show that Dr. Pena was well-known for her lewd, hypersexual behavior and sexually-explicit comments. In a statement by Dr. Czr’s wife, Dr. Pena had once asked her and several other women during a social dinner if they preferred to spit or swallow in reference to oral sex. One of the people interviewed in the investigation reported how Dr. Pena had snuck into his bed after he had fallen asleep while she was engaged to her first fiancé. In addition, Dr. Pena was also dating a medical student in El Paso while she was engaged to her first fiancé.  Later, Dr. Czr would reveal that Dr. Pena had sexually assaulted him in call room in November 2008.  The Criminal Investigative Division of the Army is currently investigating Dr. Pena for this sexual assault.

Colonel Baunchalk then falsely substantiated Dr. Pena’s claim of sexual harassment “by the majority of the witness statements and phone records”.  The investigation showed that only 5 of the 15 witnesses interviewed had allegedly seen any evidence of sexual harassment.  Dr. Pena showed a partial phone record where she had blacked out all phone calls except those received from Dr. Czr.  Dr. Pena’s complete phone records later showed she had called Dr. Czr 43 times and texted him 130 times during the period she was allegedly being sexually harassed.  Dr. Czr presented evidence that these five witnesses had cut and pasted their statements from Dr. Pena’s written statement.

The 5 witnesses

The five witnesses had previous grievances against Dr. Czr and ulterior motives. Dr. Nathalie Paolino, who was a friend and fellow intern of Dr. Pena, was also transferring to Walter Reed with Dr. Pena and is now living in the same apartment complex. Dr. Casey Danielsen, another intern and friend of Dr. Pena, committed federal prescription fraud when she illegally prescribed Dr. Pena Digoxin, a heart failure medication, so that Dr. Pena could give the medication to a family member. Dr. Robert Gayle, another intern who also sought for the removal of Dr. Czr for his congressional letter, was illegally prescribing Dr. Pena antidepressants during the time of the investigation. Dr. Gayle at this time did not have a medical license nor was he credentialed at his hospital to practice medicine independently. These three witnesses who claimed to have knowledge of Dr. Czr’s alleged harassing behavior were all voluntarily present at Dr. Czr’s house in November of 2008, during the time that Dr. Pena claimed she was allegedly being sexually harassed. This provocative video shows the personal and sexually explicit relationships between Dr. Pena and her witnesses.

The fourth witness, Dr. Leticia (Iliana) Tiscareno-Grajeda, initially stated she had seen text messages that she considered to be sexually harassing but then recanted her statement during the investigation. Previously in March 2009, Dr. Czr had reprimanded Dr. Tiscareno-Grajeda for leaving work early and leaving her patients unattended. He had also reprimanded her for ordering additional fluids for a patient who needed fluids to be removed, a possible fatal mistake. Records showed that Dr. Czr requested that she be removed from his team for patient safety, but Dr. DeZee had denied his request.

The last witness was Ms. Palomarez, the program secretary, who had previously told Dr. Czr to resign in April 2008 because of this congressional letter.   If Dr. Czr would have remained as chief resident, then he would have been her direct supervisor.

After Colonel Baunchalk had substantiated her false sexual harassment claim, Dr. Czr was forcibly removed from starting his new position on June 30, 2009 (just 1 day prior to the start of his new position).  Dr. Juan Martinez-Ross was then awarded the position.  Captain (Dr.) Paul Bandelin, Dr. Czr’s chief resident at the time, and Dr. DeZee then issued a career-ending officer evaluation report (OER) to Dr. Czr on the final day of the evaluation period.  Just two weeks prior, Dr. Bandelin refused to speak to Dr. Czr about his evaluation.  Dr. Bandelin would never counsel nor speak to Dr. Czr about this negative evaluation.  Records show that there were no negative counseling documented in Dr. Czr’s record until after Dr. DeZee had received his congressional letter.

To justify this negative evaluation, Dr. DeZee falsified Dr. Czr’s record by creating several “delayed” memoranda for record.  A separate investigation into Dr. Czr’s officer evaluation report found that the fabricated documentation did not warrant a career-ending evaluation and was created only after Dr. DeZee and Dr. Bandelin became aware of his congressional letter.  Despite the findings of this investigation, the Department of Defense Inspector General refused to investigate Dr. DeZee and Dr. Bandelin for the federal crime of reprisals against a whistleblower.

During this same time period, Dr. Czr’s manuscript had been accepted for publication.  Dr. DeZee was a co-author on this manuscript as well as other physicians.  After Dr. DeZee issued this career-ending evaluation, he ordered Dr. Czr to forge the signatures of the other co-authors to meet the publication deadline.  According to reports, Dr. DeZee stated to Dr. Czr that forging signatures of co-authors was a common practice and that he himself had done it on his previous research projects.  Dr. Czr refused to obey his order and later withdrew the paper from publication. This manuscript would have been Dr. Czr’s first publication as a physician.  In response, Dr. DeZee began sending harassing emails to Dr. Czr demanding that he resubmit the manuscript or explain his reasons for withdrawing the manuscript.
Continued Abuse of Power and Violations of Privacy Act of 1974

After Colonel Baunchalk substantiated the sexual harassment claim, the leadership quickly attempted to transfer Dr. Czr to Korea.  Dr. Czr then obtained the military equivalent of an injunction.  In response to Dr. Czr’s injunction, Colonel Frank and Colonel Ney Gore, another hospital administrator, ordered that Dr. Czr report to the library for “accountability reasons.” Colonel Frank emailed Dr. Czr that he was not to be credentialed at this hospital as a staff physician.  Colonel Frank then requested that Dr. Czr review medical records for his department. When Dr. Czr refused because he was not credentialed at that hospital, Colonel Frank and Colonel Gore sought UCMJ charges of insubordination. When they failed to pursue this course, they punished Dr. Czr with extra duty in the Emergency Department without due process. They then placed Dr. Czr in a position staffed by physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

Dr. Czr filed an equal opportunity complaint.  During this investigation, Colonel Frank knowingly made several false statements to cover up his order that Dr. Czr report the library for “accountability reasons” when he stated that two other doctors who were also awaiting final adjudication of their cases had their own offices in hospital and were also expected to be at the hospital for accountability reasons. These other two physicians did not have their own offices and were not required to report to the hospital during their investigations.  Colonel Baunchalk took no disciplinary action against Colonel Frank for his false statements during a formal Army investigation.

In response to Dr. Czr’s equal opportunity complaint, Major (Dr.) Michael Cole, Dr. DeZee’s replacement had Dr. Czr removed from a military medical conference where Dr. Czr’s research had been accepted.  Dr. DeZee, Colonel Frank, Ms. Linda Palomarez, Dr. Cole, and Colonel Baunchalk then conspired to create a restraining order on Dr. Czr placing a distance between him and Dr. Pena during this military medical conference.  Two days before the conference, Dr. Czr received a phone call from his commander asking if he had violated his restraining order because “someone” had made a complaint.  Dr. Czr was in El Paso at the time and the conference was in San Antonio.  The conference had not started when Dr. Czr’s commander called him about this alleged violation of his restraining order.

Dr. Czr’s appeal was denied despite over 500 pages of evidence, photographs, and video.  Dr. Czr had made several Freedom of Information Act requests that Colonel Baunchalk and his lawyers have refused to comply or respond.  The Inspector General has refused to investigate citing that to pursue a whistleblower allegation the complainant must have a “perfect” performance record.  The IG used the fabricated “delayed” documentation from Dr. DeZee as the reason to not investigate Dr. Czr’s case.

Dr. Czr has reported to the US Army the following federal crimes and violations of Army Regulations:

Dr. James Baunchalk: reprisals, failure to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests, command influencing an investigation.

Dr. Kent DeZee: reprisals, research fraud, falsifying federal records, and harassment

Dr. Robert Gayle: practicing medicine without a license, illegally prescribing psychotropics, and making false statements in a sworn statement

Dr. Jennifer Marie Pena: sexual assault, making a false claim of sexual harassment, federal prescription fraud

Dr. Casey Danielsen: federal prescription fraud and making false statements in a sworn statement

Ms. Linda Palomarez: reprisals and making false statements in a sworn statement

Dr. Wayne T. Frank: abuse of power and rank, making false statements in a federal investigation, harassment, privacy act violations

Colonel Ney Gore: abuse of power and rank

Dr. Nathalie Paolino: making false statements in a sworn statement

Dr. Michael Cole: reprisals and privacy act violations

Colonel (retired) Mary Ancker: reprisals and privacy act violations

To date only Dr. Jennifer Pena is being investigated for sexual assault.  All other federal crimes have yet to investigated, according to Dr. Czr.

Dr. Czr still proudly serves in the US Army and looks forward to a long career in the Army.  He states that he and his family have suffered from the abuses and federal crimes of people who they once considered colleagues and friends.  Despite these injustices, he believes that the majority of the US Army is honorable.  He is hopeful that one day the above people will be held accountable for their federal crimes and unethical conduct.

Mike Pence Physician Behind Ronny Jackson Attacks: Report

Vice President Mike Pence’s Army physician, Dr. Jennifer Pena, is behind a series of salacious allegations against Ronny Jackson – President Trump’s White House physician and nominee to lead the Veterans Affairs Department, according to four administration officials who told the very connected Sara Carter.

According to four administration officials, the main allegations were brought forth by Vice President Mike Pence’s Army physician Dr. Jennifer Pena, who is assigned to Pence by the White House Medical Unit and does not work directly for the office of the Vice President. Those officials contend Pena has held a long-time grudge against Jackson because of his continuing promotions in the White House.

She began her career at the White House during the Obama administration. According to the officials, Pena, who is still active military and assigned to the White House Military Office, did not follow proper protocol to report on the allegations. Instead, she went directly to the Senate with the support of some current and former White House medical staff who were her loyalists. None of the allegations she allegedly brought forth have been substantiated. –Sara Carter

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