Natasha of “Nothing But Truth Natasha” interviews Michael Brown of “Through the Looking-Glass” about the Ecovillage / Ecoresort being built less than an hour southeast of Las Vegas the Gateway to Lake Mohave. Information on Delphi Village can be found at

Delphi Southern Nevada is assembling over 5,000 acres in the area surrounding Searchlight, Nevada. Delphi Village is being developed into a 155 acre Emergent Technology Showcase that features a year round outdoor event center. The several hundred new jobs in the rural area creates a demand for residential housing and support businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, and accommodations. Anticipating these demands, Delphi Southern Nevada has identified, classified, and prioritized the opportunities. Delphi then plans to develop the core revenue streams and to attract strategic partners and joint venture partnerships to develop a complete, symbiotic ecosystem.

Emergent technology will be deployed throughout the operation, creating a “showcase of showcases” where we will promote and affiliate market the technologies on display. With so much opportunity and emergent technology, there will be remarkable investment opportunity, and Delphi has created SymbioNet, a business incubator and catalyzer that will organize, coordinate, and facilitate the connections between inventor entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and emergent technology investors.

Delphi Southern Nevada is a multistakeholder cooperative, where the employees, contractors, and volunteers in the ecosystem are identified as stakeholder groups and are given shares in exchange for their contributions. This ensures that the employees benefit when other shareholder groups receive distributions due to the success of their labor. The ecosystem’s toroidal economic model redirects all “currency leaks” by owning and operating as many supply chains as practical, which generating jobs and attracts residents to the region.

Extensive financial models and due diligence materials are available upon request, including a Capital Readiness Report  from a third-party firm that vets ventures for hedge funds and private investment groups.

Delphi Southern Nevada’s Vision
Graphical Bulleted Presentation) (Ecosystem Opportunities)

  • Infrastructure Systems Developer and Operator
    Clean Power Production, Water Production, Water Purification, Sewage and Solid Waste Processing, Composting, Recycling, and Data Centers and Distribution
  • Emergent Technology Showcase
  • Business Incubator
  • Consciousness Playground
  • Year-Round Outdoor Entertainment Center “Music Festival Theme Park”
  • Regional Airport and Air Museum
  • Major Agricultural Production
  • Non-Profit Desert Oasis Project

Delphi Southern Nevada is developing the Searchlight-Lake Mohave region from its existing population of 1,000 up to 10,000 with long-term infrastructure planning for 100,000 residents, comparable to the 1965-2018 growth of nearby Laughlin, Nevada.

The first tranche of $30M allows for the start-up of the core revenue streams and the initial residential development. Commercial and residential development opportunities in the first five years add up to hundreds of millions of dollars, with significantly more opportunity for infrastructure and municipal support systems. Local general contractor and experienced developer Karl Bonar of Trinity Haven is leading the master planning, with a $5.2 billion infrastructure plan on the table. Details and meeting with key team members are available upon request.

First Big Steps

We have developed a phased approach to create the vision, providing a number of separate investment opportunities that will be developed concurrently. While presented in an ideal order, development of residential housing and acquisition of existing businesses can occur in any sequence.

  • Coordinate with an infrastructure technology company to build 50-100MW power plants in Apex and Searchlight.
  • Build Delphi Amphitheater Theme Park
  • Develop Infrastructure and Housing
  • Establish the Showcase and Incubator
  • Develop Searchlight, Nevada, the area known as the “Gateway to Lake Mohave”
  • Build 1,000,000+ sq ft greenhouse operation
  • Develop the area into a Destination Resort

Searchlight’s Existing Operations and Infrastructure

Searchlight is home to 575 residents, with 1,000 people living in the Eldorado and Piute Valleys. Searchlight is the intersection of US 95 and Highway 164, with 9,000 cars that drive through the town every day. Highway 164 is Cottonwood Cove Road, the only entrance to put a boat into Lake Mohave in Nevada, the others being on the other side of the lake in Arizona. Therefore, it is known as the “Gateway to Lake Mohave” and Delphi will be developing lake-oriented tourism businesses and services, as Delphi Village will be drawing up to 10,000 overnight guests to the region each weekend.

Delphi Village is 15 miles from the center of Searchlight, which is the logical location to develop housing for the hundreds of jobs on the outdoor event center. There is limited existing housing, and what is available is substandard. There is ample infrastructure within the town, including NV Energy power and abundant water in Basin 214.

The current infrastructure includes:

  • Entrance to Cottonwood Cove Marina
  • Spirit Mountain Water Utility (Cal-Nev-Ari)
  • Searchlight Airport 5,040’ paved runway
  • Searchlight Residential Airpark – 75 improved sites
  • Kidwell Airport 4,140’ gravel runway
  • Cal-Nev-Ari Residential Airpark – Population 375
  • Residential Housing for 575 residents in Searchlight
  • Mobile Home Parks in Searchlight and Cal-Nev-Ari
  • Restaurant-Cafe, Bar, Casino, Truck Stop
  • Willie Martello’s historic El Rey Motel
  • Convenience Store
  • Post Office
  • Elementary School

Delphi Village 155-acre Emergent Technology Showcase

Initial Operations

·         Delphi Amphitheater

·         Downtown Delphi / Vendor Village

·         Gourmet Food Truck Operation

·         Boutique and Glamour Camping

·         RV, Camper Trailer, and Tent Rental

·         Desert Adventures Booking Center

·         Emergent Technology Showcase

·         Non-Profit Desert Oasis Project


Planned Expansions

·         Retreat Center

·         Wellness Center and Spa

·         Emergent Technology Incubator

·         The Beehive Drone Delivery Restaurant

·         Pro Surf Tour Double Barrel Flowrider

·         Lake Mohave Aquatic Operation

·         Lazy River and Water Rides

·         Equestrian Center


Southern Nevada Planned Expansions and Joint Ventures
Entity Org Charts and Joint Venture List)

  • Clean-Tech Power Production and Water/Sewer/Waste Processing in Searchlight
  • Residential Housing
  • Spirit Mountain Bottled Water Delivery
  • Runway Expansion & Fixed Base Operator
  • World’s First Fly-In Movie Theater
  • Fully Vertical Cannabis Partnership
  • Farm-to-Table Aquaponics Operation
  • Farm-to-Table Restaurant
  • Destination RV Resort
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The Infomaniac's cover story as Michael Brown did not have him die in Ferguson, did not lead him to train and sell Arabian horses, did not have him run FEMA during Hurricane Katrina, and his handlers know he'd never kill Pluto. This Michael Brown frequently doesn't know whether to face palm or shout "WTF!" so he finds himself doing both. Often.

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  1. They too will leave behind mountains of garbage.
    And do nothing good.
    Another Commie Convention. (ComCon).


    1. Actually, being an “emergent technology showcase,” we have technologies that turn the plastic into diesel, the food waste into compost, and the solid waste that can’t be recycled will be turned into plasma and then reconstituted into carbon to be mixed with our compost. We thrive and power ourselves off of the trash that others send to the landfill. We actually have technology that will ‘mine’ landfills for plastic, processing it into diesel and reducing/consuming the landfill pile.


      1. Yea, We tested one of your garbage burners here. Found it to be wholly inadequate. Set it up in a garbage dump too.
        After discontinuing its use. It now sits were it should be in a garbage dump.


  2. If the emergent technologies actually worked then prices would fall for that energy.
    It when it is put in place it only sustains itself through subsidies.
    Because nothing a greenie thinks of is cost effective.


    1. So you are ignoring the elephant in the room regarding the Legacy Infrastructure Corporations like Exxon and the regional power company monopolies. They suppress this technology so they can continue to charge us outrageous prices.


      1. Don’t think they have to.
        Kinda like the whirly gigs self destruction or chopping birds up.
        And, costing 10 times more for energy. Than the legacy energy production.
        And, of course one of those legacy’s just happens to be water.
        That the geenie ijits just love to slander.
        Me, Personally I’m happy that my energy comes from all three of the proven technologies. At 1/10 the price of some pie in the sky bullshit. But, Then again I’m not out to bankrupt myself.
        And, I sure don’t have to claim that the price of legacy energy is more expensive than subsidized energy. Where the taxpayer pays twice for the same energy.
        No Sell.


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