FBI Insiders Blow Whistle on Massive Las Vegas Cover Up; Agents Told Not to Investigate Key Evidence Including ISIS Terror Link to Mandalay Bay Massacre


The “official” narrative you’ve been fed by the FBI and Las Vegas officials about the massacre at Mandalay Bay that claimed 58 lives is purely fiction, a polished story contrived to cover up the disturbing facts surrounding the worst mass shooting ever in the United States, according the FBI insiders and high-ranking intelligence officials.

And now, after months of corporate-infused spin by MGM Resorts and outright lies from officials in the FBI and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, federal agents and intelligence officials are spilling the beans about what really happened on and before the Oct. 1 massacre.

“It’s a movie script that was written after the shooting to rewrite what really happened,” one FBI agent said. “The investigation is an entirely different story that we are not allowed to talk about. If we do and get caught, we get fired and probably charged (criminally).”

But why the cover up?

The answer to that is perhaps even more complicated than the revelations surrounding the shooting, which can only be explained as shocking and troubling to everyday Americans not connected to the law enforcement community and political machine that has become today’s FBI. While few if any bright Americans believed the official back story of the supposed Stephen Paddock rampage, the truth — it turns out — is even more bizarre than fiction here.

In fact, it’s downright frightening.

The FBI maintains that Stephen Paddock — the reported lone gunman — was a mystery man and his motive for killing dozens and injuring over 500 people still has not been pinpointed. Those assertions are simply untrue, FBI officials confirm. Lies. In the coming weeks, True Pundit will detail various parts of its investigation into the shooting and more importantly, paint a detailed portrait of the events leading to the shooting and Paddock’s likely accomplices and associates.

The major, shocking revelations include:

  • When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence of multiple gunmen, they told agents to stand down and focus on Paddock only. Even a key internal audio captured by a hotel guest of multiple rifles firing from Mandalay Bay went ignored, covered up.
  • When FBI brass was provided the names of persons of interest who likely assisted Paddock, agents were instructed not to interview the individuals. One would-be target was never pursued despite pleadings from intelligence officials and agents that he was possibly the second shooter.
  • The FBI uncovered specific evidence showing that Paddock was anti-Trump and had an affiliation with ANTIFA, though it never was divulged to the public and agents did not follow such leads, per orders of their superiors.
  • When FBI brass was given evidence that the shooting was possibly linked to ANTIFA radicals working with an ISIS-linked terror faction — including the full identities of some of the suspects with ties to both radical groups and at or near Mandalay Bay the night of the deadly shooting — agents were never instructed to follow up on the investigation and pursue the suspects.
  • When intelligence officials approached the FBI and LVMPD with external evidence that Paddock was only one member of an organized  terror cell — which included as many as five gunman who planned to fire from the Mandalay Bay suite — the compelling evidence was covered up. Never pursued.
  • When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence that Paddock’s death was not a suicide, the intelligence was never pursued by the FBI and LVMPD. FBI sources said Paddock suffered two gunshots. His autopsy report only details a single bullet to the head. FBI sources maintain Paddock’s autopsy was doctored and is a fraud.
  • When an ISIS-linked “businessman” from Turkey was pinpointed in the investigation — and found to be residing near Las Vegas at the time of the shooting — FBI agents were not instructed to follow up and pursue intelligence leads showing possible links to the massacre.
  • FBI and intelligence officials believe Paddock and associates chose to strike the Las Vegas country music concert with over 22,000 people because they likely supported President Trump. FBI agents said they were instructed to keep that key motive quiet too.
  • When MGM refused to share cctv footage from Mandalay Bay, FBI agents were threatened by superiors that any whistle blowers divulging such revelations to the media would lose their jobs. The FBI still has never been provided all the camera footage from the Mandalay Bay, FBI agents said.
  • When FBI agents and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives informed FBI bosses that Paddock didn’t start buying dozens of guns until after Trump’s election, they were told to keep that fact quiet and shrouded.
  • When FBI agents followed up on an ABC News report that Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines shortly before the rampage they confirmed the report was untrue. Instead of disputing it, FBI bosses embraced the false story, saying it helped build the narrative the Bureau was constructing about Paddock. FBI agents believe the story was planted with ABC by their superiors.

And there is much much more that is not detailed here today. This is only a summary of True Pundit’s investigation.

This FBI-generated smoke screen has occurred during the watch of FBI Director Christopher Wray and his Las Vegas Field Office Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, a disciple of Andrew McCabe, the defrocked and disgraced former deputy director of the FBI. It has unfolded during President Donald Trump’s first year in office. Does Wray even know about what amounts to a conspiracy led by the FBI to cover up a mass killing of U.S. citizens? Whether he does or does not seems to matter little. This is no longer his problem to fix. Trump and others must investigate and provide honest answers. The FBI can no longer be trusted to do so. On any level. Especially in Las Vegas. It is difficult to imagine that any competent director of the FBI would not know about this. Unless he was lied to by FBI brass.

Does President Trump know about this? White House officials say he does not. Or did not prior to today.

We have named this investigative series “Fear and Lying in Las Vegas” and it will certainly live up to its name, based on the findings of our ongoing research and intelligence gathering.

At every turn, the FBI lied to the American public.

At every turn, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department echoed those lies and added their own falsehoods about every aspect of the shooting and investigation.

FBI and high-placed law enforcement veterans often re-tell the tale — usually over beers and laughs — of a once-corrupt and out of control FBI Las Vegas field office in the 1970s and 1980s when a brash, honest veteran was appointed to clean it up. The agent on his first day walked into the middle of the office, used an office chair to boost himself atop an agent’s cluttered desk, while his understudies looked on in amazement.

“I reclaim this office for the United States of America,” the new Special Agent in Charge declared.

Then he planted an American flag in the middle of the office, above the cubicles and desks for all to see.

That American flag is long gone now. And that FBI boss’ fighting American spirit has likewise left Las Vegas.

They have been replaced by FBI bosses who — at every turn — shunned and covered up credible investigative intelligence compiled by its own agents and other contributing intelligence experts. When the cameras were rolling, they lied to Americans about key facts, trying to paint Paddock as a mysterious lone wolf. But even more egregious, the FBI in what can be described as nothing short of a conspiracy and cover up — intentionally quashed credible leads to identify Paddock’s co-conspirators and at least one additional gunman who is walking around today in another American city.

Free to kill again.

Much more to come.

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Key Forensic Evidence in Las Vegas Shooting Sidestepped; FBI Brass Applauded Ignorance While Loved Ones Buried Their Dead

True Pundit March 14, 2018 by Investigative Bureau

The FBI and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department did not follow credible leads revealing the distinct possibility of another shooter working inside the hotel suite alongside Stephen Paddock, FBI insiders and intelligence officials confirm.

When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence of multiple gunmen, they told agents to stand down and focus on Stephen Paddock only. Even a key video captured by a hotel guest of multiple rifles firing from Mandalay Bay went ignored, covered up.

The troubling debate among veteran FBI agents and intelligence experts isn’t the question of whether there were multiple shooters during the Las Vegas massacre in October.

The real dilemma at the heart of a supposed sweeping probe of the Mandalay Bay deadly shooting is that federal law enforcement agents were told Not to follow any and all investigative leads to determine whether Stephen Paddock had another gunmen behind the trigger.

Over 500 people gunned down and 58 killed and investigators hot on the trail are told to relax, don’t follow the clues.

When superiors instruct law enforcement to not follow credible leads, something usually smells funny for a reason and that fact has stuck with FBI insiders with knowledge of the Las Vegas probe.

This is not a debate among would-be conspiracy theorists on YouTube and social media. These are seasoned professional investigators who say the Las Vegas investigation is tainted for reasons far above their pay grades, reasons they cannot comprehend. Law enforcement are trained to hunt and find bad guys and when their own bosses become an obstacle to that process — especially in a high-profile case like the Las Vegas shooting that killed 58 concert goers — suspicions begin to spill over.

And some media become a clearing house to air those grievances to the public, while some other media help keep the secrets shrouded. A public tug of war of sorts that often takes on a life of its own, moving the debate from the shadows into the public spotlight for all to judge.

In the sunlight.

Law Enforcement has publicly refused to consider a possible second shooter theory; however, some analysts appear to be looking at other possible evidence suggesting that Paddock did not act alone, directly or indirectly.  The recent arrest of Douglas Haig for providing illegal ammunition to Mr. Paddock is not considered strategically relevant, FBI insiders maintain.

Haig’s arrest is a smoke screen disguised as a meaty bone tossed to the growing number of people who feel Paddock had co-conspirators.

A key video captured during the shooting is a game changer, according to intelligence officials who maintain the audio on the feed clearly indicate an overlap of rifle fire — multiple rifles firing from Mandalay Bay. But that nine-minute video, attached below, has been ignored, covered up, by FBI brass, sources said.


Tactical analysts believe there is a possible second shooter present in the audio stream and that this shooter is discernible at various points throughout the attack.

Based on this video and others obtained by the FBI, season intelligence experts and FBI insiders recommended detailed acoustic analysis of the entire event “with constructive interference and noise generation of sound waves within the rifle reports post-filtering the audio stream for the numerous echoes and other noise,” according to one well placed FBI insider, who continued explaining the rational to a True Pundit reporter:

“Sub-optimized due to non-synchronous firing of weapons, this constructive interference actually creates sound amplification spikes (loudness) in the sound waves themselves and this would indicate the presence of a second shooter. This phenomenon would be best captured from audio/video devices close to the Mandalay Bay firing points.”

But the FBI brass in Las Vegas, headed by Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, never green lighted such analysis. In fact, according to sources, the FBI has largely ignored such rudimentary investigative steps. Agents who wanted to pursue this were redirected to focus on Paddock, as the FBI brass wanted to build a lone wolf and lone shooter narrative, absent investigative leads pointing elsewhere.

The FBI’s “official” narrative to date: Paddock was a mysterious maniac. A habitual gambler who snapped, bought guns and went off. And no one knows why.

But intelligence veterans maintain the video tells a much different narrative.

At the very beginning of the attached video, there are two distinct streams of fire appear to be discernible, a well-place intelligence official said.

“The first five audible shots appear to originate from a first shooter who pauses after these first five shots,” the intelligence veteran said. “The second possible shooter — who is firing at a much higher rate of speed and for a longer duration — follows immediately thereafter.  The first shooter then begins firing again at the same time as the second shooter but at a noticeably slower rate. All of this takes place within the first five seconds of the video.

“These seemingly disparate sound streams cannot logically come from the same weapon, fired at the same time, by the same lone shooter. One of the areas of keen interest is the acoustics and sounds that are being stripped and separated using highly sophisticated programs that digitally lay down the signature for each sound emission or in this case, each shot, from each gun and from every potential angle.”

FBI sources said these assessments too were provided to FBI brass — among numerous others — and were likewise swept under the rug. FBI agents who pursued these leads did so on their own, without official authorization from their superiors, sources said.

Patriots who upheld their sworn oaths in spite of their politically-jaed bosses. The FBI might have losts its direction but there are still good soldiers trying to right the ship, waiting for their bosses to be forced walk the plank by new FBI Director Christopher Wray.

To the trained investigator, the rifle reports in this video stream provide the most solid indicator as to the presence of a second shooter. Still, better sound pathology is needed, experts said, to weed out idiosyncrasies of such an urban, cluttered acoustic environment.

Despite debriefings, FBI agents have never been given direction to seek such enhanced forensic audio tests, sources said.


So here we are. Five months after Las Vegas and all the corporate-infused spin ginned up by MGM resorts working in the shadows with FBI brass and LVMPD officials who have — time and time again — been caught lying at almost every bend and corner of the narrative.

And now we are discovering these entities not only wanted to hide the details of the shootings from the general public, but also their own officers and agents. And in essence, set law enforcement on a road absent investigative diversions, where questions and leads were never followed or authorized to be dug into.

A road of ignorance where common investigate steps were skipped, sidestepped by FBI brass who applauded such malfeasance while loved ones buried the dead.

HIDDEN MOTIVE: Hushed FBI Intel Report Reveals Vegas Shooting Triggered by Paddock’s Anti-Trump Politics

True Pundit March 19, 2018 by Investigative Bureau

In public, the FBI will tell you they still have not pinpointed a motive for the deadly Las Vegas massacre at Mandalay Bay.

That was well over six months ago, on Oct. 1.

If this is true, the FBI is not very good at its job. Few believe that to be the case as far as the investigative prowess of rank-and-file agents who do the grunt work for such an investigation.

Privately, however, FBI insiders and intelligence officials talk a different game. A major motivating force behind the murder of 58 people in Las Vegas was Stephen Paddock’s disdain for Donald Trump’s election.

Trump’s politics.

Trump’s America.

And whomever else was involved in possibly helping Paddock — and there are many theories on accomplices and co-conspirators — likewise shared Paddock’s disdain, FBI sources said.

The concert crowd was targeted because it was packed with Trump supporters and likely GOP voters who helped propel Trump into the White House, FBI insiders maintain.

Country music. America. Apple pie. A predominantly white audience.

Differing from the official FBI and Las Vegas Metro Police Department narrative, revelations pinpointed by a True Pundit investigation include:

  • The FBI uncovered specific evidence showing that Paddock was anti-Trump and had an affiliation with ANTIFA, though it never was divulged to the public and agents did not follow such leads, per orders of their superiors.
  • The FBI & Vegas police worked hard to conceal Paddock’s politics and a classified report linking his ideologies to the massacre.
  • FBI and intelligence officials believe Paddock and associates chose to strike the Las Vegas country music concert with over 22,000 people because they likely supported President Trump. FBI agents said they were instructed to keep that key motive quiet too.
  • When FBI agents and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives informed FBI bosses that Paddock didn’t start buying dozens of guns until after Trump’s election, they were told to keep that fact quiet and shrouded

The LVMPD leaked several photos of Paddock’s hotel suite in the days following the attack. These photos depict what appears to be Paddock, deceased and on the floor of suite 32-135.

The official narrative is that Paddock acted alone, bought numerous semi-automatic weapons for some unknown reason, and employed these weapons by himself in the attack on the Route 91 Festival. Several of the firearms pictured were configured with “bump stocks” in order to maximize each weapon’s lethal prowess.

However, the narrative does not account for the number of weapons procured or the escape plan of Paddock. Also, this narrative does not align with the photos that have been leaked to the media.

Regarding the massive number of weapons and ammunition magazines, Paddock may have been preparing for some sort of conflict, sources said. From the evidence collected it appears Paddock planned to fight his way out of the Mandalay Bay if necessary.

Not die by his own hand.

A portion of a classified intelligence report obtained by True Pundit — used to debrief FBI brass and LVMPD — confirms Paddock’s behavior and purchase of guns after the 2016 presidential election were triggered by his politics.

“Mr. Paddock’s purchasing pattern reflects a violent behavior profile that appears to be inspired by political or ideological bent.” the confidential memo reads. “One possible domestic/political group would be ANTIFA related.

“Mr. Paddock’s first weapons were reportedly purchased in October 2016, with numerous additional weapons (more than 40) purchased in the run up to the attack. The coincidence of such an escalating ramp of weapon procurement is, all beginning just after the election, compelling and cannot be ignored.

“Moreover, the behavior ‘baking period’ from point of first procurement to final act of terror is extremely short and the election appears to have been the trip wire, with the final act inspired by other unknown factors.  Key is trying to understand what his purpose was in doing dismounted surveillance in Chicago and Boston, and apparently without any weapons on hand.”

Why has this been so difficult for officials to acknowledge and reveal to the public? Even if it were a hypothesis, shouldn’t the public know about the mere possibility Paddock was triggered by Trump’s election?

Why would the FBI want these pieces of the Las Vegas massacre puzzle withheld from the public? Kept hidden from the loved ones of the victims?

Some FBI veterans and intelligence officials believe Paddock may have been planning additional mass shootings — to be waged either by himself or others — or both. Hence, his escape plan to vacate the Las Vegas hotel following the shooting.

Such a wider conspiracy would reveal a much larger scheme and shatter the FBI’s official narrative that Paddock was a lone wolf, a mysterious man who has stumped law enforcement and went to great lengths to do so.

But as we all now know, there is finally a revealed motive.

Even if FBI brass and Las Vegas officials and police keep trying to tell folks they have yet to nail one down.


Final Destination: Two More Vegas Survivors Die In Bizarre Ways

Content originally published at iBankCoin.com

Just weeks after surviving the Las Vegas massacre at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, a married couple from California died in a fiery wreck when their car rammed into the gate of their gated community and burst into flames less than a mile away from their Riverside County home.

Dennis Carver, 52, famously jumped on top of his wife Loraine, 53, to shield her from the gunfire during the Vegas massacre.

When Dennis Carver realized the loud cracks weren’t fireworks but instead rapid gunfire, he jumped on top of his wife, Lorraine (Lora) Carver, to shield her from the bullets. –Las Vegas Review-Journal

Officials report it took firefighters over an hour to put out the fire caused by the Carvers’ wreck. Their 16-year-old daughter, Madison Carver described hearing a “loud bang,” and saw her parents’ crashed car in flames when she went to investigate.

The Carvers’ eldest daughter, Brooke, 20, posted the following on Facebook Oct 20:

“This week we have been through more pain than we have ever been and probably will ever go through again. It’s hard to see Gods (sic) plan right now and how this was all part of it, but through the support of family and friends we have been pushing through.”

Other mysterious deaths

Granted – any event with 20,000 attendees will statistically have a few people who don’t make it to Christmas, however two other survivors of the Vegas massacre who notably said they saw multiple shooters have died weirdlyand one of them was trying to organize a survivors’ group to coordinate accounts of the incident when she died.

Kymberley Suchomel

Vegas survivor Kymberley Suchomel died October 9 in her Apple Valley, CA home just five days after she posted her version of events to Facebook. Her grandmother told the Victorville Daily Press that Kymberley appeared to have died in her sleep:

“Kymberley had epilepsy and she’s always been prone to seizures — she told her friend that she recently had three focal seizures,” Julie Norton said. “I believe the stress from the shooting took her life.”

Kymberley’s said on Facebook that “every single survivor I have talked to also remembers multiple shooters, and at least one from the ground.” 

A longtime friend of Suchomel’s also posted screenshots of a conversation with Kymberley in which she said she was planning to “organize a group of survivors” in order “to piece things together.

“You can share my comment for sure,” Suchomel told her friend,  “And you can leave my name” she added. “I’m trying to organize a group of survivors so if anyone wants to contact me they can. Because this fucked up shit doesn’t make sense and we are trying to piece things together.”

Five days later Suchomel was dead.

Danny Contreras

The next mysterious death of a Vegas massacre survivor is Danny Contreras – who described multiple shooters as well. The 35 year old reported his account all over – with one of his tweets shared hundreds of times which stated “can’t believe i got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns.”  

CRAZY! Danny Contreras, survivor.. Was found dead with gun shot wounds in his home. He reported TWO shooters chasing him!!

Contreras was found dead in a vacant Las Vegas home with multiple gunshot wounds.

Police said 35-year-old Danny Contreras was found dead at 7:05 a.m. Monday. A woman who thought she heard a man groaning had called 911 requesting a welfare check on the 5800 block of East Carey Avenue, near North Nellis Boulevard.

Contreras died of multiple gunshot wounds, and the coroner ruled his death a homicide. –Las Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas Police homicide Lt. Dan McGrath said it’s possible Contreras had gang ties based on the fact that he had tattoos, though the killing was likely related to narcotics rather than gang activity.

Neighbors said they did not hear any gunshots, however they heard arguing and a dog barking.

While the fiery death of the Carvers’ after careening into the gate of their gated community is indeed mysterious, the couple did not post publicly about multiple shooters. Kymberley Suchomel and Danny Contreras, on the other hand, most certainly did before their untimely deaths.

What do you think – multiple shooters or lone gunman with unknown motive?