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Dewey Larson Reciprocal System


The Simple Essence of Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of Physics
( Boardman, Jameela M. )

An overview of the universality of the Reciprocal System model, without having to wade through volumes of heavy, detailed text to see it.



Outline of the Reciprocal System
( Larson, Dewey B. ) [ 451.2 Kb, Rev. 34]
An outline detailing the deductive development of Larson’s Reciprocal System, a theory of a universe based on motion. Published in: Reciprocity, Volume 26, No. 1, Page 7

The Reciprocal System, true to its claim of a unified and general theory, not only covers the ground of the quantum theory, but also provides insight into the reality, basing on the new paradigm of motion as the sole constituent of the physical universe. Its most important finding is the existence of different domains of physical action, in which the rules of the game apparently differ. Larson resolves all the difficulties the conventional theory is facing, by the knowledge of the characteristics of these domains.


Preparing for the Reciprocal System
( Vijaya, Gopi Krishna ) [ 317.1 Kb, Rev. 34]

The purpose of this booklet is to take a look at the theory and its development by approaching the fundamental postulates in a slightly different manner than usually presented, for instance, as in Larson’s careful descriptions of the Outline of the Reciprocal System and Lawrence Denslow’s clarification of the Fundamentals of Scalar Motion. While efforts have so far been made to highlight the development of the theory from the postulates, it appears that a fresh effort, one that leads to the postulates by preparation, is necessary at this point of time. Larson’s own research work, after all, began thirty years before he published the first book, comprising many stages of thinking, all of which are quite vital for a full understanding. This approach could, perhaps, not only give the new student a way through commonly encountered difficulties, but also provide a connection to existent scientific practices.
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