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SO MUCH FOR THE FIRST RULE: “1,000 People Will Tell You ‘Not to Give Them [PIZZAGATE] Attention, to Ignore it [PIZZAGATE], Who Cares THEY’RE CRAZY, etcetera.’ DON’T IGNORE IT [PIZZAGATE]!”

The Government Just Admitted They Let [the Wife of] a Pedophile [Weiner] Without Clearance Get Classified Emails on His Laptop Yet COMEY: NO LAWS BROKEN ~ Jack Posobiec

January “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month” With NATIONAL EMERGENCY & EXECUTIVE ORDER Blocking Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

We Established a Special Counsel Investigation Into Ourselves and Instead of Finding That We Did Nothing Wrong, We Uncovered Our Decades of Treason and False Flags