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Earlier today I posted an article called “SCREW HOLLYWOOD AND WATCH MOVIES FOR FREE: STREAM HD Hollywood Movies Without “Downloading” Illegal Torrents; WATCH MOVIES IN THEATERS FOR <$10/month.” In that article I explain how you can buy Movie Pass for $89.95 and get to watch movies at the movie theater every day of the year. That’s $7.50 a month or 25 CENTS A DAY. It works very easy, as easy as using Fandango to check movie times.

What I realized after I posted that article is how perfect it is for a family to be able to buy a Movie Pass for each member of the family and then go to the movies any day they want. Buy one for yourself and gift one to your significant other. Netflix and Chill? What about Movie Pass and recliner seats opening night of Star Wars?

This is a perfect gift for a teenager to give to their parents and their parents to their teens so they can share a night at the movies whenever they want. I really think it’s best for families, as the year pass is less than most season passes at amusement parks and ski areas, and you’ll use it a lot more.

Below is the section on Movie Pass, but the whole article on Streaming and Movie Pass is well worth the read.

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I don’t work for Movie Pass and I’m too freaking broke to have any stock in them, so what I’m sharing here is pure customer satisfaction. My son heard about Movie Pass on a podcast, and the podcasters were saying you could watch any movie you wanted IN A MOVIE THEATER for $9.95 a month, $6.95 if you pay for a full year ($89). It sounded too good to be true, but the podcasters had tried it out and told everyone how well it worked.

Broke AF, we haven’t been able to go to movies this last year, but we were able to scrape together $20 to try a month for the both of us. IT KICKED ASS. We watched over $200 of movies that month, with movies costing between $8 and $13.75.

We were blown away by how easy it was, once we got the Movie Pass cards in the mail. It’s a MasterCard debit card, and you activate it on the first day you go to the theater. You download the Movie Pass app that’s a lot like Fandango, select the movie and theater you wanna watch it, and “Check In” when you’re within 1,000 feet of the theater. It applies a credit to your debit card for 30 minutes allowing you to buy the ticket. THAT’S IT. You can even get a Regal Rewards card and start racking up the points, which is what we’ve done.


John Campea posted a great overview that’s well worth the watch:

The idea is that the movie theaters want more people in the movie theaters to sell more at the concession stands, especially now that many theaters are offering beer and wine sales. Cinemark, the largest movie theater chain in the U.S., is launching its own version of Movie Pass. It’s different than Movie Pass, which allows you a movie a day at a full range of theaters, Cinemark’s version allows you ONE movie a MONTH, with perks and discounts. Still, the idea is to get more butts in seats, hoping to attract people to the theater that would not have come if they had to pay the regular rates.


Cinemark does not think this is a long-term viable solution, which is why most of us questioned that Movie Pass could do it at all…

Which brings us back to the original point, which is “HOW TO LEGALLY GAME THE SYSTEM WHILE IT IMPLODES ITSELF.” If Movie Pass will sell you a YEAR OF MOVIES FOR $89.95, THEN WHY PAY RETAIL AT MOVIE THEATERS? I don’t have a single good reason, unless you’re Mr. Sony or Mr. Paramount and will start to see a decrease in the bottom line. But I’m broke AF and want to see the institution of Hollywood go down in flames, so I’m not only using Movie Pass, I’m creating blog posts to share with as many people as possible.


With FREE and $6.95/month options of watching movies at home and in theaters, why would you pay retail for a movie ticket? Check out the article “SCREW HOLLYWOOD AND WATCH MOVIES FOR FREE: STREAM HD Hollywood Movies Without “Downloading” Illegal Torrents; WATCH MOVIES IN THEATERS FOR <$10/month“, then sign up for Movie Pass, bookmark, pick a movie from the “Awakening Within the Matrix” movie list, and start watching.

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Cinemark announces $8.99-a-month subscription service to fill more seats — and take on MoviePass

Source LA TIMES     Ryan Faughnder
December 5, 2017

CinemarkCinemark’s offer, dubbed Movie Club, marks the latest move by theater chains to draw customers at a time when cinemas are contending with increased competition from other forms of entertainment, especially streaming services in the home such as Netflix. It’s also the cinema industry’s first direct answer to MoviePass, a New York start-up that offers unlimited movies in theaters for $9.95 a month.

Theater chains have long resisted discounting tickets, fearing that doing so would erode profits. But long-term pressures on the industry have prompted some exhibitors to rethink their opposition.

Cinemas have experienced a steady decline in domestic moviegoing in the last decade. The number of tickets sold in the U.S. and Canada hit 1.32 billion last year, compared with 1.4 billion a decade ago, according to the Motion Picture Assn. of America. Box office revenues this year are down 4% so far, according to ComScore, thanks to movies that flopped.

The Cinemark deal also comes just months after MoviePass sparked a backlash from cinema giant AMC Entertainment when it reduced its monthly rate to $9.95 this summer. It previously charged up to $50 a month.

That represents a substantial discount for moviegoers. The average domestic ticket price (including matinee showings) reached a near record level of $8.93 in the quarter that ended in September, according to the National Assn. of Theatre Owners, a trade group for the exhibition industry. In places like Los Angeles and New York, the cost of moviegoing is much higher.

Mark Zoradi, chief executive of Cinemark, said the subscription is not targeting people who already go to the movies multiple times a month. Instead, the chain is hoping the deal will encourage people who go to three to four movies a year to increase their annual moviegoing to about six trips.

The company, which has been working on the program since at least March, hopes that additional attendance will boost theater revenue through added sales of popcorn, soda and other concessions. Cinemark operates 533 theaters; locations in the Los Angeles area include Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza 15 and Cinemark Playa Vista.

“Our goal was really simple. It was to increase attendance and remove all of the pain points around it,” Zoradi said. “It helps us, our studio partners and the overall business.”

Cinemark’s deal may not have the same all-you-can-eat appeal as the MoviePass bargain. Still, the offer has benefits and flexibility that could drive customers to sign up, Zoradi said.

For example, if customers don’t use the ticket credit in a given month, it rolls over into the following months and does not expire. The program also includes the ability to reserve seats and buy tickets in advance with no online fees.

Eric Wold, an analyst who covers the major theater chains for B. Riley & Co., said Cinemark’s low Movie Club price could help it compete with MoviePass.

“Clearly, they’re trying to push people away from MoviePass and onto their own service,” Wold said. “I don’t think they would’ve started at this level if MoviePass hadn’t cut its price.”

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said Cinemark’s new offering will not hurt his company’s business.

“It is a recognition that moviegoers want different ways to transact with movie theaters,” Lowe said. “I think they’re seeing that this is really energizing people into going back to the theaters.”

Other exhibitors could follow suit, Wold said. Theater chains including AMC and Regal Entertainment Group have been trying to draw more customers by adding recliner seating, gourmet food and alcohol. But AMC in August criticized MoviePass for creating what it described as an unsustainable model that would hurt the industry.

MoviePass in October said it had grown to 600,000 subscribers, compared with 20,000 in 2016. Last month, the company lowered its offer to $6.95 a month for people who sign up for a full year.