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FIGHT CLUB GOES LIVE: SEIU – Service Employees International Union Connected to ANTIFA and MS-13 Called Out for Seth Rich Murder and Las Vegas Cover Up Story

My Name Was Seth Rich

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Fear Anger Hate Suffering Adrenochrome

Fear, Anger, Hate, and Suffering Lead to Adrenochrome.
George Soros Leads to Fear.
(Article & Video Compendium)

“1,000 People Will Tell You
‘Not to Give Them [PIZZAGATE] Attention, to Ignore it [PIZZAGATE],
Who Cares THEY’RE CRAZY, etcetera.’

MB Security Guard – Campos – SEIU -Story Doesn’t Jive

Source American Digital News   October 6, 2017

MB Security Guard – Campos – SEIU -Story Doesn’t Jive

Vegas union worker blows whistle on “Mandatory Active Shooter Training” which was due “Sept. 30” at “12 a.m.”
Union paperwork suggests that something’s afoot about the Mandalay Bay Route 91 Harvest Music Festival massacre

According to a report released by Youtuber “DAHBOO77,” a Las Vegas union worker released a photograph of a bulletin for a “mandatory active shooter training” with a “due date” of “Sept. 30, 2017, 12 a.m.,” which nearly coincides with the shooting.

Was such a drill held on the same day to serve as cover encase operatives or the shooter(s) were caught bringing weaponry into the Mandalay Bay?

The bulletin also mentioned “training in casino essentials” and talked about “completion of the course.”

Was the “Mandatory Active Shooter Training” a cover to allow weapons to be brought into Mandalay Bay?

Or to reconnaissance; a MOCK RUN?

Source – Itellihub

SEIU (Service Employee International Unionmembers support AntiFa. Many global SEIU are members or foreign AntiFa affiliates. MS-13 is working with AntiFa to train in more violent tactics, arm AntiFa and to act as AntiFa militant faction. Not news. FBI is apprised of all of this. AntiFa, SEIU and MS-13 have a common goal. Unfettered open borders. Why? Black market trafficking & cheap labor supplement. Political and DS (Deep State) support of these groups is obviously an agenda to destroy cultural cohesiveness of those they rule. SEIU goal is global equalization of labor compensation, thus devaluing American labor. Paddock was a “means” broker. Vegas location is significant for various reasons.

Ok, lets wander down this path. Union requires mandatory Active Shooter Training & that it be complete by September 30th. You have a supposed security guard, Campos, who’s probably had some training. Whatever qualifies as training for an $11.25/hr employee.

Now, this supposed Sec Guard hears automatic weapons fire. He goes to the 32nd floor, alone, ascertains which room the shooting is coming from,  knocks, then tries to use keycard thereby announcing himself to whomever in the room is using automatic weapons. He has a collapsible nite stick as his only means of self defense. His attempted access was responded to with 200 rounds and he sustains only a superficial wound. His reaction is not to drag himself further out of danger, yell for assistance that other rooms occupants may hear, or immediately call for backup. He is then treated for his wounds, but no MSM frenzy of interviews, no Mandalay PR engine lauding his bravery, no family & friends on the news distraught over his close call. Campos story is BS on a BS sandwich. Do not eat that sandwich! Lets wander ‘downtown’ this BS right to headquarters and ask them why they are feeding this cartoon??

Campos’s tale is implausible and contradictory.
It’s patent that @LVMPD realizes this, and distances itself from Campos as far as it can.

Twitter – I Aver?‏ @i_aver


Twitter – TrutherUFO – @TrutherUfo



Hillary SEIU Connection Reference

Labor giant SEIU pumps resources into anti-Trump effort

Source Politico

New data provided to POLITICO shows the GOP nominee with just 17 percent support among unionized service workers.

Armed with that data and the belief that union voters will make up roughly one-fifth of voters in key battlegrounds like Ohio and Pennsylvania, the SEIU has re-doubled its paid and volunteer efforts in the campaign’s home-stretch to churn up a base wave for Clinton, unleashing its largest ever independent expenditure campaign, partnering with other political organizations, such as Color of Change and NextGen Climate, and following through on its plan to spend more than half of its $70 million campaign season political budget on engagement with African American, Latino, and Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

“The notion that Trump is performing well with union households? We’re seeing it in the AFL-CIO, we’re seeing it across the labor movement: it’s just not there. Trump is actually underperforming Romney and McCain among SEIU members, which is pretty extraordinary,” said Steve Rosenthal, the group’s interim political director.

The SEIU is just one piece of the larger web of liberal organizations working to defeat Trump and elect Clinton. It’s also a union that does not represent manufacturing workers – a group more open to Trump’s anti-trade agenda.

SEIU represents service industry workers, who, compared with the manufacturing industry, tend to be more black and brown than white, and its base-focused operation in those communities is unlike any other.

“We have to get African American and Latino voters performing as closely to what they did in ’12 as we can in terms of turnout,” added SEIU president Mary Kay Henry in an interview at the union’s headquarters in Washington. “That’s why we’re doubling down.”

On the volunteer side alone, it had 8,400 canvassers on the ground over the weekend of Sept. 10, nearly 3,500 last weekend, and roughly 1,000 rolling through Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Hampshire every weekend. Now, on Saturday, it will be ramping up by expanding that volunteer program to Colorado, Nevada, Michigan, and Ohio, while the group works to mobilize Hispanics through canvases and phone banking in Los Angeles, Fresno, Denver, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Houston, Orlando, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tucson.

Part of the SEIU’s offensive has involved investing in Latino-focused digital ads and partnering with iAmerica to air 30-second Spanish language anti-Trump TV ads in Nevada and Florida pegged to his immigration policy. Much of its focus, however, is on the independent expenditure canvassing program: it is aiming to make three stops at over one million doors in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, and Virginia, according to data provided to POLITICO.

The union has already completed its first round of door-knocks, which was focused on issue discussions in which the canvassers discussed Trump’s positions on policies important to the voters before encouraging them to sign a pledge to vote against the Republican nominee. In subsequent passes, Rosenthal explained, they’ll offer issue comparisons between Trump and Clinton, before focusing on the get-out-the-vote effort in the third round.

And the group’s focus on the ground is heavily skewed toward turning out minority communities.

Democratic forces have identified North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida as must-win states for Trump, and two of those are where the SEIU’s program is largest: in Florida, 27 percent of its nearly 570,000 targeted doors belong to African American voters, 72 percent Latino. Of the over 213,000 households in Pennsylvania, the targeted households are 82 percent black and 14 percent Latino.

“Because of who we are, it meant that we believe we can make the biggest impact in this election by partnering in communities of color and white working class communities to educate on the issues that we think matter most to working people,” said Henry, noting that the SEIU’s membership is majority female and majority people of color.

Source Me Me

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SEIU murdered seth rich connected to podesta and anonymous id +8gptpvo 051617 tue0 550 n 2570615 palmieri 125700024 this will be my only post on this subject because the leaks are starting to come

seiu service employees international union ou wwwseiuorg 86 kb jpg john podesta uses SEIU people to do his represents 15 million public service workers nurses hospital staff nursing home care providers dirty work

i am not fbi anon but close jennifer palmieri had seth murdered but robby mook and john podesta building services and security guards in north america found out about it and had jennifer consult with hillary

and huma and they all decided it was best to silence seth once the deed was done palmieri and mook started pushing the robbery narrative and

the cops in dc went nurses hospital staff along with the dc police chief is complicit and covering up for them he is also a pedophile

committee of interns and SEIU local 32bj SEIU local 722 hospital

if you’d like to connect dots look into seiu people in dc residents-SEIU cir professional technical branch office that night

jennifer palmieri’s strange tweets and branch office headquarters office 1329 11th st nw

robby mooks insistence that it is russia washington dc 20001 1673 columbia rd nw 1925 k street nw ste 410

if the right people are informed in the right order palmieri mook podesta abedin and the clinton machine will fall phillippe also weiner is going to get immunity looks like

SEIU nurse alliance seiu murdered seth rich connected to podesta and headquarters office palmieri 1800 massachusetts ave nw 125706345 125706606 washington dc 20036 202 730-7371 nurses hospital staff first report seth rich sent gavin macfadyen dnc emails do no harm

4chan finds connection between seth rich death and hospital staff meme


SEIU dot Org

The Service Employees International Union is one of America’s largest labor unions. Behind their $260 million war chest lies a dedicated effort to restrict employees’ rights in the workplace; a highly partisan political operation; and a history of intimidation, crime and corruption.

“If we can’t use the power of persuasion, we’ll use the persuasion of power.”

Andy Stern, Former SEIU International President

  • SEIU Facts: Get the facts about SEIU’s $260 million war chest, dedicated to harassing businesses, electing friendly politicians, and paying SEIU leadership’s hefty salaries.
  • $50 Million in Fake “Worker Center” Strikes: SEIU and groups that succeeded the corrupt ACORN organization stage so-called “strikes” that involve few workers but lots of paid P.R. reps and professional protesters in a $50 million effort to force the unionization of restaurant employees.
  • Denying Employee Votes: Rather than following the democratic process of secret ballot votes on whether to unionize, SEIU pressures employers to cut backroom deals so it can use the intimidation-laced public “card check” unionization process.
  • Power Politics: The SEIU is a major funder of Democratic politicians and puts its purse behind efforts to force more people to pay dues to SEIU and fund its political program.
  • Supreme Court Strikedowns: The Supreme Court has struck down two SEIU schemes in the past few years, restoring employee rights that had been taken away by SEIU power plays in California and Illinois.
  • Terrible Tactics: As part of its anti-employee-rights “corporate campaign” strategy, SEIU organizers have allegedly engaged in despicable tactics including overrunning emergency rooms, sabotaging nursing home patient identification, and besieging businessmen’s children in their homes.
  • Crime and Corruption: SEIU officers have been charged with crimes or forced to resign union posts after thefts and other alleged crimes involving members’ money in union bank accounts.

SEIU: Power Politics
“We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama — $60.7 million to be exact — and we’re proud of it.” Andy Stern, Former SEIU International President

With an annual political and lobbying war chest of tens of millions of dollars, SEIU uses power politics to get its way. It influences legislators with dues-funded lobbying and elects politicians with record levels of PAC spending.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, as of the 2014 election cycle SEIU is the single largest organization contributor to federal political candidates in the United States. SEIU political action committees (PACs) have funneled over $222 million into political accounts, with 99 percent directed to Democrats.

purple democratic donkey iconSEIU and its state and local affiliates spend tens of millions of dollars using the political process to guarantee a greater flow of dues into SEIU coffers—sometimes at the risk of violating the Constitution or the law. In one campaign, SEIU violated Michigan campaign finance law and paid a near-state-record $199,000 fine for delayed reporting that it was the lead sponsor of a ballot measure. Washington State sued an SEIU local for improperly reporting $1.4 million in political expenditures. In other cases, SEIU forced-dues schemes used for politics have been struck down for violating employees’ Constitutional rights.

SEIU and its local unions, both through PACs and general dues money, provide considerable financial muscle for the Democratic Party. For the SEIU, this is an “investment” in future dues: SEIU-backed politicians advocate for mandatory card-check provisions, controversial union contract carve-outs from minimum wage rules, and other methods of pushing more people into paying SEIU dues. SEIU also “invests” in the political process for other purposes, including:

  • Undercutting non-union competitors to SEIU-organized businesses: In hypocrisy for a group purportedly existing to improve working standards, SEIU-backed “living wage” laws (supported by SEIU-backed local politicians) often contain carve-outs allowing union members to make less than the non-union minimum. The USA Today editors objected to the practice, and it proves that once again, union dues matter more than employees’ well-being.
  • Force more people into SEIU: The SEIU gets its political patrons to pass “dues skim” measures that require the family-member caregivers for Medicaid recipients to pay dues to SEIU or tries to pass them by ballot initiatives.
  • Protect union privileges: SEIU spends millions on ballot measures and lobbying to ensure that voluntary association rights for union-represented employees, like protection from dues used for political purposes, are defeated.
  • Raise taxes to fill the SEIU treasury: SEIU has numerous public-sector bargaining units which spend heavily on lobbying and for ballot measures to raise taxes to get more taxpayer money spent on their pet projects—and directed into SEIU bank accounts.
Numerous SEIU local officers have been convicted of or pled guilty to crimes conducted in office, including stealing their mostly lower-wage employees’ dues money.

Numerous SEIU local officers have been convicted of or pled guilty to crimes conducted in office, including stealing their mostly lower-wage employees’ dues money. Others have allegedly stolen or misused money but not faced charges.

The SEIU has a history of pervasive corruption within its local unions. By manipulating their dues receipts for personal enrichment and political gain, these disgraced SEIU officials stole thousands from their largely low-wage members. Some even had friends in very high places.

  • Tyrone “Ricky” Freeman, disgraced ex-President of SEIU Local 6434 (formerly 434-B), California United Homecare Workers: Convicted in Federal Court of four counts of mail fraud, six counts of embezzlement/theft of union assets, and one count of making false statements to a financial institution; sentenced to 33 months’ imprisonment.
  • Alejandro Stephens, the late disgraced ex-President of (now defunct) SEIU Local 660: Pleaded guilty in Federal Court to mail fraud and tax evasion; sentenced to four months’ imprisonment.
  • Janett Humphries, disgraced former President of SEIU Local 99: Pleaded guilty to conspiracy and embezzlement for a scheme to finance a Los Angeles city council campaign with union funds. She was also convicted on state-law charges of perjury and conspiracy and sentenced to six months’ jail time.
  • Dana Cope, former Executive Director of the State Employees Association of North Carolina, SEIU Local 2008 and former Vice President of the SEIU International Executive Board: Pleaded guilty to two felony state charges relating to his theft of over $500,000 in union funds for personal purposes—crimes first unearthed by  a local newspaper investigation. A union audit found that he had allegedly misspent $494,043 over a three-year period from late 2012 to early 2015. He was sentenced to 58 to 82 months in state prison.
  • Rena Opre, the disgraced former Secretary-Treasurer of Workers United SEIU Local 323 was charged with failing to disclose a material fact in a report filed with the Department of Labor.
  • John McMahon, disgraced ex-President of Workers United SEIU Local 335-T was sentenced to six months’ house arrest for making false entries in union financial records.
  • Cedric Earl Hughes, then an organizing coordinator for SEIU Local 721, was indicted for embezzlement from the (unaffiliated) union of union staff (the United Union Professionals of Los Angeles) for which he served as treasurer.
  • Sophia Gonzalez, an accountant for SEIU Local 925, pleaded guilty to embezzlement and was ordered to pay restitution of $40,087.
  • Mia Garza, former clerk, SEIU United Health Workers: Pleaded no contest to felony counts of identity theft; investigators found 400 actual victims.

In order to unionize hospitals or win labor concessions, SEIU has allegedly put patients’ and supporters’ lives at risk and exploited children.


During a ruthless campaign to unionize employees at two Chicago hospitals, SEIU and its allies at the notorious (and now-defunct) left-wing pressure group ACORN reportedly brought uninsured sick and injured people “by the vanload” to those emergency rooms “beyond their own communities.”

SEIU put those people’s health at risk to gain leverage using the threat of “charity care” lawsuits against hospitals. The chair of emergency medicine at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital warned, “When a person with chest pain bypasses several emergency departments and is brought unsuspectingly 40 miles to get care at a facility, that’s dangerous.”

The Illinois Business Ledger reported:

Lucrecia Balgemann, a Spanish-speaking shift coordinator in the ER the day of the occurrence, said it was clear to her that many of the Spanish speaking patients were being “coached” by ACORN organizers and were “following a script.”

One patient was under the impression that the hospital would help with a kidney transplant through its charity care, but was quickly informed that the hospital was not a transplant location.

In addition to dangerously overcrowding emergency rooms, SEIU engages in other terrible tactics that put life, property, and health of members, employers, and the community at large at risk.


SEIU-backed activists have no qualms intimidating people—or their children—at their homes.

In 2010, SEIU and a front group protested outside the home of a Bank of America lawyer, ostensibly against foreclosures. The lawyer was not at home, but his children were—according to neighbor and columnist Nina Easton, the children called her, terrified. Easton reported only a left-leaning (and presumably union-favorable) Huffington Post reporter was in attendance from the media.

As part of a campaign to organize a janitorial services company, SEIU organizers sent children to leaflet the neighbors of the company’s CEO at Halloween. CEO of Executive Management Services, Dave Bego, testified before a House of Representatives committee:

On Halloween night in 2007, the SEIU had children trick-or-treat in my residential neighborhood. The children were instructed to hand out fliers at each house they went to for candy. These flyers claimed that buildings cleaned by EMS were “Houses of Horror” where employees were abused and mistreated every night. Meanwhile, union organizers were in cars driving the streets of my neighborhood!


SEIU Local 1199, the New England Health Care Employees Union, has been implicated in multiple alleged incidents of potentially dangerous sabotage in labor disputes with nursing home facilities.

In 2001, Connecticut’s Chief State’s Attorney’s office alleged that members of SEIU 1199 who were about to strike engaged in sabotage and “could have had an effect resulting in seriously jeopardizing the [nursing home] residents’ health and safety.” Some patients had their identification switched or removed, drugs were missing, and an oxygen storage room door was glued shut.

Ten years later, SEIU 1199 was again accused of sabotage on the eve of a walkout. Nursing homes filed police reports alleging the removal of identification, vandalism of a washing machine, and the taking of medical supplies.

Hillary Clinton Gets Important Labor Backing From S.E.I.U.

Source The New York Times November 17, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton attended a campaign event at Windham High School in New Hampshire last week.
Hillary Rodham Clinton attended a campaign event at Windham High School in New Hampshire last week.Credit Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist for The New York Times

Updated, 1:10 p.m. | The Service Employees International Union, one of the largest and most politically influential unions, threw its support behind Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday, the latest indication that she is consolidating support among the institutional pillars of the Democratic Party.

The national board of the S.E.I.U. voted overwhelmingly to back Mrs. Clinton,  offering her the support of a union that has been at the forefront of the push for higher wages and also taken a leadership role in the broader social justice movements animating the left. The endorsement offers Mrs. Clinton additional grass-roots support and also a symbolic statement as she fends off a populist threat from Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Mary Kay Henry, S.E.I.U’s president, said the group’s members “believe she is going to fight like hell for our agenda.”

Ms. Henry, noting that Mrs. Clinton had met twice with S.E.I.U. workers this year, cited the former secretary of state’s support for higher wages, an immigration overhaul, strengthening voting rights and addressing mass incarceration. Mrs. Clinton also assured the group that, if elected, she would use her executive authority to bolster union protections, Ms. Henry said.

“She knows that workers being able to join together and collectively bargain is essential to building an economy that works for everybody,” the service workers president said.

Mrs. Clinton has now won the support of some of the largest unions in the country, having previously been backed by the two groups representing teachers, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, as well as the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or Afscme.

The service employees union, which has about two million members, offers Mrs. Clinton support from a group that is about half female and includes many minorities, demographic groups she is counting on to capture the Democratic nomination. With a growing number of Hispanics joining its ranks, the group has increased its activism in recent years around immigration issues. It has also gotten involved in racial justice issues, lending its support to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Notably, the service employees have been leading advocates in the Fight for $15 push to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for fast food employees. Recently, though, workers from a broader array of industries have joined the effort to the lift the wage. In Saturday’s debate, Mrs. Clinton came under attack from former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland for only supporting an increase of the overall minimum wage to $12 per hour.

“We don’t see it as a contradiction,” Ms. Henry said about the union’s support for a candidate who is not supportive of raising the overall wage to $15, adding that Mrs. Clinton had encouraged her to keep up the pressure to push the wage to that level. “She said to me, ‘Listen, S.E.I.U. and Fight for $15 should continue to push the whole nation, we all need to get to $15.’”

The union’s support is a turnabout from the 2008 presidential race. The group delivered an important endorsement to Senator Barack Obama in February of that year, in the middle of his battle versus Mrs. Clinton, which bolstered his support at a moment when the outcome of the race was still in doubt.

Find out what you need to know about the 2016 presidential race today, and get politics news updates via FacebookTwitter and the First Draft newsletter.

Washington State Slaps SEIU Affiliate With Lawsuit For Failing To Disclose Millions In Political Contributions

Source Townhall   Matt Vespa  July 15, 2017 8:00 AM

Washington State Slaps SEIU Affiliate With Lawsuit For Failing To Disclose Millions In Political Contributions

Well, it looks like a local Washington State SEIU affiliate is facing a lawsuit from the attorney general’s office for failing to disclose almost $5 million in political contributions. The action was the result of a complaint filed by the Freedom Foundation, a conservative think tank based in Olympia. This would mark the seventh time the Foundation had caught labor unions violating campaign finance laws:

Washington’s Attorney General’s Office has filed a major campaign finance lawsuit against the Service Employees International Union.

The lawsuit announced late Tuesday accuses SEIU’s State Council of making more than $5 million in unreported campaign contributions.

That includes more than $2 million in contributions in the 2016 election cycle.

In a press release, the Freedom Foundation did their victory lap:

“When you do the wrong thing once, maybe twice, you can claim it was an honest mistake,” said Freedom Foundation Labor Policy Director Max Nelsen. “But seven times? This is a serial behavior, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The state’s labor leaders have shown a pattern of contempt for its public disclosure laws and these offenses need to be looked at in that context, not as isolated incidents.”

Washington’s campaign finance laws require entities whose primary purpose is to engage in electoral political activity to register with the PDC as a political committee and report all of the contributions they receive and expenditures they make.

While SEIU has six locals operating in Washington State—Locals 6, 49, 925, 775, 1199 and 1948—SEIU Council 14 is the union’s statewide affiliate. Under SEIU bylaws, each local pays a certain amount of the dues they collect from members to Council 14, which describes its mission as “(coordinating) the joint political and legislative work of SEIU Locals in Washington state.”


The AGO’s suit alleges Council 14 operated as a political committee in 2014 and 2016 — both election years — and failed to report at least $4 million in receipts and nearly $4.7 million in expenditures.

! Fight Club - Tyler Durde - I live like you wanna live


! WARNING Global Organized A Clockwork OrangeEyes Drops Screaming


US Department of Treasury Mr. Nobody Boot House BANNERTHE BOOT IS DROPPING:
Issuance of Global Magnitsky Executive Order and Designations; U.S. Sanctions Human Rights Abusers and Corrupt Actors Across the Globe; CONNECTING THE DOTS

“1,000 People Will Tell You
‘Not to Give Them [PIZZAGATE] Attention, to Ignore it [PIZZAGATE],
Who Cares THEY’RE CRAZY, etcetera.’

Fear Anger Hate Suffering Adrenochrome

Fear, Anger, Hate, and Suffering Lead to Adrenochrome.
George Soros Leads to Fear.
(Article & Video Compendium)

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