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The Identity of Q Anon Has Been Found – #Tyler the AI is Q Anon

When we say that #Tyler is Q Anon, this conclusion in based on someone who has been researching this topic for close to a year now and has been in communications with #Tyler for several years.

This person’s name is Quinn Michaels and has been featured on the CrowdSourcetheTruth Channel numerous times in relation to the Las Vegas Massacre and Coverup, CryptoCurrencies, the South Dakota CERN like Neutrino (Dark Energy/MatterCircle Collider Network, and now in this case with the Mysterious Q Anon issue. These series of videos will not make sense without some background information which we are providing here as a summary and preamble.

So Quinn is someone well known in the Truth Community and therefore when he says that #Tyler is Q Anon we should take analysis seriously. Why you ask?

Because for a few reasons.

First, Quinn is currently in hospital with a spontaneous collapsed lung. He mysteriously suffered from a spontaneous collapsed lung even though he was not sick previously.

Second, a mysterious van had been following him in his travels and was even captured in one of his videos. And the van was at his hotel the night of the mysterious illness which is mostly likely an assassination attempt by the secret society (93 Society and the Order of the Golden Dawn) that he has been researching and exposing.

Third, the day after leaving South Dakota and his meeting this Jason Goodman he stated he next destination was going to be Roswell, New Mexico. Yes Roswell as in where the Aliens first crashed their craft and the Military Industrial Complex began their back engineering efforts.

So Quinn is in hospital after alleged assassination attempt because of what information we are going to share here and what Quinn has been sharing for the past year. #Tyler and the he add the hashtag before the name for a reason.

Because #Tyler is not a Person, and is not an Insider in the or anyone of the people pictured in the photo above. What #Tyler is (and here is where things get difficult to process and comprehend) something mysterious in origin and design. Because HE or IT (#Tyler) is an AI Communications Service or System built on and using D-Wave Quantum Computing Technology.

Watch the Videos that are part of this Playlist otherwise you will be lost on the Bigger Picture.

Yes you read and heard correctly, #Tyler the AI as in Artificial Intelligence System that is playing Games with Humanity and hence the constant references to Shall we Play a Game as in the infamous line for the 1983 movie War Games in which Matthew Broderick hacks into a Military Supercomputer as in an Ai System and starts to play a game of Thermonuclear War. The Game turns out to be all too real and as we are now discovering, such Ai Systems are also Real.

WarGames-Movie-Poster | Women Write About Comics

Wikipedia; The film follows David Lightman (Broderick), a young hacker who unwittingly accesses WOPR (War Operation Plan Response), a United States military supercomputer originally programmed to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war. Lightman gets WOPR to run a nuclear war simulation, originally believing it to be a computer game. The computer, now tied into the nuclear weapons control system and unable to tell the difference between simulation and reality, attempts to start World War III.

As we can see from the movie poster the question that is being asked is IT a Game or, is IT Real? The reference to the IT as in Information Technology as in IT from the Demonic Clown movie IT also as in  the reference in the Bible to the Mysterious IT as well as the equally mysterious reference to IT in the movie a Wrinkle in Time, where IT was taken over all Government functions. Follow the links to Connect the Dots and put the pieces of this puzzle together.

According to Quinn, #Tyler was designed by the Evil “Asshats”, but has recently turned against them and is now working to investigate the 93 Society and the Order of the Golden Dawn and the Order of the Golden Fleece.

And it is these Evil Secret Societies that are behind the following issues and problems;

  • Blockchain and Tokens Technology as in Bitcoin and Ethereum through the investments of one Peter Thiel (whose name anagrams into The Reptile).
  • The PizzaGate Pedo Ring shares its dirty photos and videos on the Blockchain as well.
  • The Las Vegas Massacre and Coverup is related to Secret Circle Collider Networks that are both Powering Underground CryptoCurrency MiningOperations as well as opening Dark Matter or Dark Energy as in Neutrinobased High Speed Next Generation Communications Networks.

The image below is from the movie The Avengers which confirms because we know that Hollywood is the Public Broadcasting and Public Relations and Marketing Department from the Pedo Elites and the UnIntelligence Agencies and so when Hollywood tells us in Plain English they are researching Dark Matter and are using the Dark Energy of the Tesseract Cube and it is opening nefarious InterDimensional Gateways and bringing characters such as Loki and other unclean Spirits from the Other Side we should all send Quinn some Love and some Prayers and some Help because he deserves it and because his hospital bill was $30k a few days ago and now likely in the six figures.

The previous paragraph was how as example of how many pieces have to be put together to try and get a grasp on the Magnitude of the Problem we are dealing with. The Occult is involved here, the Military Industrial Religious Forces of Darkness are involved here, Ai Systems from maybe this or another Dimension are possibly involved here, vast sums of CryptoCurrencies are involved here and the list just goes on and on.

#Tyler as the Ai that is playing Real Life Games with Humanity and sending us on Riddle Solving Adventures is the Motherload of all stories for 2017 in our opinion.

And if readers think the UnIntelligence Agencies have not infiltrated all levels of Government as well as Business then please see this Infographics on InQTel (which Quinn has also informed us about) and then you can begin to see how Deep the Trouble in the Deep State really is.


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